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  • The Most Disturbing Meal Ever!

    There are some things that make you squirm, yelp and shriek in horror. They make you question humanity and a man's ability to differentiate between right and wrong. This is one such story.The Japanese have ...

  • 10 Totally Bizarre Restaurants

    The prospect of a fine dining experience brings to mind a couple of things: A polite and efficient staff, the ambiance - contained and constrained, an elegant plate setting and more importantly the real hero, ...

  • Twitter User Combines Makki Ki Roti With Maggi, The Internet Is Disgusted

    A Twitter user combined homemade Maggi with Makki ki Roti to make a combination that disgusted the internet.

  • 5 Most Shocking Egg Delicacies

    Eggs have always been one of my favourites. I love them for their versatility since they can be fried, poached, scrambled or simply boiled. Personally, I like them sunny side up. As a child, I ...

  • The Boy Who Cried Rat: KFC Fights Back, Releases Lab Report

    While Dixon's story has spread like wild fire, KFC has been extremely responsive and insistent that it was not fried rat but fried chicken that was served.

  • Passenger Finds Lizard in His In-Flight Meal. Air India Says it's a Hoax!

    Air India said Saturday it was investigating how a lizard ended up in one of its in-flight meals, in the latest embarrassment to hit the struggling airline.

  • Why Public Toilets in London Are Turning Into Cafes

    With spiralling land prices turning even the darkest corners of London into potential goldmines, the city's forgotten spaces, including 19th-century public toilets, are blossoming into restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Many Victorian urinals remained...

  • Halloween Horror: Rat on a Stick

    You'll have to excuse my squirmy face and quivering fingers as I type this out, making a few typos along the way as I nauseatingly look away from the screen. I had to grapple with ...

  • 8 Bizarre Foods Indians Eat

    Indian cuisine is a beautiful blend of our culture and customs. It boasts of robust flavours, a mind blowing variety, spices and surprises. This time around, I decided to take the road less traveled and ...

  • Too Haute to Handle: French Cuisine a Big Challenge in China

    With its unusual cutlery, bizarre names and complex etiquette, French haute cuisine is as daunting as it is appealing to Chinese diners, despite the Asian country's own proud culinary tradition.

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