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  • Mother Christmas Cake

    The classic christmas cake with delicious apple pie covered in tarts and cherries. Christmas would be incomplete without relishing on this fruity-sweet cake.

  • Plum Cake

    About Plum Cake Recipe | Cake Recipe: Plum cake refers to the variety of cakes made with fruits and dry fruits. Although this cake does not contain plum, the fruit, as the name may suggest ...

  • Fruit Cupcakes

    Cupcakes filled with sugar, fruit and topped with whipped cream and mint sprigs.

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  • A Fruitcake Recipe that Finishes with a Big Bang

    Every year, the children and their father would grate, mix and steep the fruit, then bake and wrap dozens of cakes to give to family and friends and other fruitcake-poor households.

  • Caribbean Black Cake Will Leave You Wanting More

    This Caribbean holiday specialty, which is called Black Cake because of its signature color, Christmas Cake or simply "fruit cake," is a fruit cake that will actually leave you hankering for more. Plummy, boozy and ...

  • How to Make Sinful Mug Cakes and Desserts in 2 Minutes

    Chocolate cake, brownies, upside down fruit cakes, gooey cakes or cheesecakes, you can have it all in your cosy mug, that too in under two minutes without any hassle.

  • How to Cook the Perfect Yule Log

    The yule log - a worthy addition to the British Christmas feast, or a sickly continental import for people incapable of appreciating a good fruit cake?It is a truth universally accepted that Christmas isn't what ...