Mutton Biryani

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  • Mutton mandi biryani

    Originally an Arabic dish, this biryani has slowly found ways to be included in Bakri-Eid festivals all around the world. It is cooked in mutton stock itself which is why every bite feels like a ...

  • Ambur Mutton Biryani

    A fragrant preparation, surprise your friends at dinner with this authentic biryani from Ambur in Tamil Nadu. A complete meal, the lamb soaks in all the flavours really well leaving you wanting for more.

  • Awadhi Mutton Biryani

    About Awadhi Mutton Biryani Recipe: Biryani is derived from the word “biryan” and has its root in Persia, this dish is known to have origin in India during Mughal dynasty and has continued to rule ...

  • Mutton Biryani

    About Mutton Biryani Recipe | Dum Mutton Biryani Recipe: A hearty mutton biryani that will amaze your guests! Biryani is a dish that nobody can ever resist. Be it a dinner party or any celebratory ...

  • Kashmiri Mutton Biryani

    Looking for something exquisite to cook? Get your hands on some Kashmiri magic with this lip-smacking mutton biryani.

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