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  • Dhaba-Style Paneer

    We all love dhaba ka khana, the tantalizing flavour of these spicy curries are what makes our mouth water. But we all can’t visit a dhaba every time we crave their food! That is why ...

  • Paneer Korma

    Paneer korma is a simple dish that has a rich and luscious taste that you will enjoy devouring. In this recipe, fried and crunchy paneer cubes are added in thick tomato gravy that is mixed ...

  • Paneer Ghotala

    If you have heard of the famed Anda ghotala and loved it, well it’s time to rejoice because here is a vegetarian version of the creamy and rich recipe. It is made by adding heaps ...

  • Sprouts and Rava pancakes

    Made from sprouts and semolina, this pancake recipe is an instant, nutritious, low calorie, protein rich recipe ideal for breakfast and snack time.

  • Nawabi Paneer

    Rich ingredients, indulgent traditions and a deep history makes nawabi styles dishes our go-to for all celebratory meals. Nawabi paneer is a creamy and delicious recipe made with curd, milk, cashews, and whole lot of ...

  • Schezwan paneer

    Crispy deep fried paneer along with variety of sauce and spices make this recipe a perfect Indo-chinese appetizer. .

  • Kisir Tangthur/Buckwheat Pancake

    Traditional cuisines not only play an important role in our culture but also serves as important source of nutrients. These cuisines have been preserved by passing them down from one generation to the other, however, ...

  • Chocolate Marzipan

    Chocolate mixed with traditional paan flavours make a refreshing mouth freshener.

  • Paneer Do Pyaza

    Paneer do pyaza is a very popular vegetarian recipe from north India. It is prepared by using paneer chunks dipped into a luscious and spicy gravy.

  • Panki

    As adorable as the name panki sounds, this food item is oh so yummy and easy to make. A panki can simply be described as a rice batter steamed in banana leaves.

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