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  • Eggless Pineapple Pastry

    About Eggless Pineapple Pastry Recipe: There's absolutely no replacement for a classic pineapple pastry! Sponge cake layered with cream and chopped pineapple, topped with whipped cream makes for this rich and smooth pineapple pastry. The ...

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  • 7 Best Pastry Recipes

    Here are our 7 best pastry recipes, from pineapple and black forest pastry to red velvet and chocolate truffle pastry. They are spoon-licking good, with a hint of nostalgia in each bite.

  • Pasties and pies made with hot-water crust pastry | Ruby Tandoh

    What's this, a pastry that likes to be handled and kept warm? It's enough to make bakers reassess their repertoire. This hot-water crust is a versatile beast and great for pasties and piesHot water crust ...

  • How to Make Perfect Cornish Pasties

    Traditional recipes call for shortcrust pastry encasing beef, potatoes, swede and onion - but do you prefer cheese and onion, chicken and vegetable or even a clanger or a bridie?As a fully paid-up emmet (a ...

  • Ruby's Portuguese Pastry Recipes

    The Portuguese make a religion of their pastries, celebrating saints' days with little cakes of all kinds, filled with custard or scattered with flaked nuts, such as these two heavenly confections: the Jesuit pastry and ...