Watch: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Are On Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet is a high-fat low-carb diet, which scores of people are adopting to achieve quick weight loss. Avoid these 5 common keto mistakes.

Shubham Bhatnagar  |  Updated: February 10, 2020 18:03 IST

Watch: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Are On Keto Diet

Common keto mistakes are plentiful, and here's how to steer clear.

  • Keto diet facilitates weight loss and helps manage it
  • We often tend to make silly mistakes while we are on keto diet
  • Here are a few common mistakes to avoid while you are on keto diet

The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that is in vogue for quite some time now. The diet offers various health benefits and shares many similarities with the Atkins and other low-carb diets, which involve significantly low intake of carbs and replacing it with good fat. This reduction in carbohydrates puts our body into a metabolic state, known as ketosis. Usually, our bodies need glucose for sustainability, and glucose is produced when our body breaks down carbs. But in keto diet, when we cut back on carbs, it looks for other energy sources to fill the gap. Fat is that energy source that our body uses as its second best choice for energy.

Since one of the amazing health benefits of keto diet is that it facilitates weight loss and helps manage it, a lot of people have adopted keto diet in an attempt to lose weight fast and efficiently. However, if you are on keto diet or planning to start with it, you must get all your facts right and consult your nutritionist. We often tend to make silly mistakes while we are on keto diet; we try to accommodate keto diet in our routine rather than adjusting our lifestyle according to it.

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To help us avoid doing mistakes on keto diet, famous YouTube chef, Sahil Makhija, has laid down a few common mistakes to avoid while you are on keto diet. These are generic guidelines that actually apply to any diet, and are not just limited to the ketogenic diet alone.

1. Looking for a cheat meal even before starting

YouTuber Sahil Makhija talked about the incessant number of messages he got about cheat meals and cheat days that are included in the diet, even before people had begun the dieting journey. He further advised that keto is more of a lifestyle change than a diet in itself. Cheat meals should not turn into into cheat days making 'Ketogenic' diet into 'Cheatogenic'diet.

2. Comparing yourself to other people

Everyone is unique, and different in their own way and thus no particular diet and its effects can be compared. Everyone's weight loss journeys are different, and thus comparisions are absolutely in vain. YouTuber Sahil Makhija emphasised the fact that progress must be measured against oneself rather than against other's weight loss journeys.

3. Looking For Speed

When it comes to weight loss, we all are in the need for speed. Ketogenic diet is known to speed up weight loss and how, but still that should not be the only requirement going into the requirements of the diet. Sahil warned against using Ketogenic diet as a race, and said that your body would lose weight as and when it would on its own, and without your intervention into the process. It's more about sustaining weight loss, since Keto is a diet which is beneficial even in the long run.

4. Overeating

Although it's highly debatable, and most people are against calculating calories while on the ketogenic diet, overeating is always a bad idea. Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet but this does not allow room for bingeing on endless amounts of coffee or bacon. Sahil advised to eat only when hungry and in generous amounts without indulging in overeating. This would be the key to maintaining weight, and subsequently losing it.

5. Not Doing Research

A common mistake that beginners of the diet make is to not do their research about the diet. Basic keto questions should be clear before starting the diet. Makhija revealed how he would get the most basic questions about the ketogenic diet in his Instagram DM's which he assumed would be known to everyone before starting their diet. He said that he could give his followers a diet plan, that would get them started on their keto diet journey, but if they knew the basic information about ketogenic diet itself, they could benefit far more.

Watch: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Are On Keto Diet

Apart from the guidelines that YouTuber Sahil Makhija prescribes, there are some keto-only diet tips specific to the form of dieting. These are vital tips to know if you're beginning your ketogenic diet journey. Here are the tips to have by your side, and things to avoid doing in case you are considering to begin your keto diet.

1. Not staying hydrated and forgetting to drink water

This is a common misconception for any diet, and more so for the ketogenic diet. Water and sodium are two very important things for your body during the ketogenic diet, as the body flushes out the buildup of ketones through passage of urine.

2. Getting rid of all the vegetables in the diet

Just because the ketogenic diet is heavy on fats, does not imply cutting out vegetables entirely. Fibrous vegetables are a must-have in your ketogenic diet, in order to maintain the nutrients in your body and also cut out the probability of constipation, which is a common side effect of keto.

3. Not having enough nutrient sources

Having said that, it is important to keep the nutrients and sources of nutrients constant in your diet so that a balanced diet is maintained. In the process of drastically cutting carbs, nutrients may be inadvertently cut out too, thus leading to common health problems.

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4. Not adding enough salt to your diet

Eating salt is all the more necessary for maintaining a keto-friendly diet. The process of cutting out carbs such as packaged snacks may lead to omission of vital salt that is needed for maintaining the body's most basic health functions.

5. Eating inadequate amounts and wrong fats

Ketogenic is essentially a high-fat diet, but even the fats that are chosen in the diet are important. While it is tempting to consume only saturated fats such as those found in dairy products such as cream, cheese etc.; these must not be the only fats you consume. It is vital to eat foods rich in healthy fats such as Omega 3 in order to maintain the benefits of the ketogenic diet.


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