Gajar Ka Halwa

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  • Gajar Ka Halwa

    One of the most popular Indian dessert, here's for you the 'Gajar ka Halwa' recipe. Known to have originated in Punjab, it is a delight during the winter months. Grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts ...

  • Vegan Gajar ka Halwa

    One dessert most people look forward to in the winter months is gajar ka halwa. Who would have thought that this indulgent dessert, traditionally laden with clarified butter and solidified and evaporated milk could be ...

  • Gajjar Ka Gajrela

    Grated carrots cooked in milk, ghee and nuts. Perfect for a cold winter evening.

  • Lahori Special Gajrella From Gawal Mandi

    Carrot shreds and rice cooked in with milk, khoya and green cardamom powder to create a delectable sweet dish. Straight from Pakistan's Gawal Mandi, this gajrella is exquisite.

  • Microwave Gajar Ka Halwa

    Carrots and condensed milk cooked in a microwave and finished with almonds and raisins. A divine Indian dessert perfect for a wintery evening.

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