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  • Palak Dal

    Moong dal cooked with the goodness of spinach. Topped with corn kernels.

  • Stuffed Onions

    Tenderized onion shells stuffed with a different combination of vermicelli, peanuts and fried potatoes. So many different textures in one dish, you have got to try this.

  • Tadka Dahi

    Hung curd tempered with onions, tomatoes, red chillies, masalas, kasoori methi and curry leaves. Serve tadka dahi luke warm with rice or roti

  • Coq Au Vin (Chicken Braised in Wine)

    Ask any good cook and he'll tell you that the secret to good French food is butter. And that's exactly what makes Coq Au Vin a rich, creamy and magical experience.

  • French Fries

    French fries make snacking look good! Thinly sliced potatoes are deep-fried till they're crisp on all sides and then sprinkled with salt, pepper or really any seasoning of your choice. Enjoy them with burgers, pizzas ...

  • Kalan Milagu

    Kalan Milagu is a classic mushroom dish with peppercorns. Here is an added zing of garlic and onions. These pepper mushrooms make for an excellent side dish and are usually served with rice. Simply flawless.

  • Panasa Thonalu

    Panasa Thonalu (Flower kaajas) is a traditional Andhra sweet that is easy to make, good to look at and absolutely delicious.

  • Khameeri Roti (My Yellow Table)

    Team these mouth-watering khameeri rotis with delectable dals, curries and you are good to go for a stellar dinner party.

  • Chicken Club Sandwich

    Scrumptious sandwiches with a generous helping of chicken slices, spreads, egg and veggies.

  • Chicken in Lettuce

    Stir fried chicken pieces cooked with bean sprouts and bell peppers, wrapped in lettuce leaf and served with sauce.

  • Chocolates From Cocoa

    Enjoy home made chocolates with simple ingredients and a hassle free recipe.

  • Chicken Stew and Appam

    Chicken Stew is an easy recipe that makes for a good side dish with Appam, which is a popular breakfast fare in Kerala. Chicken and potatoes simmered in coconut milk served with Appam, a rice ...

  • Chimney Soup

    Good food cooked in no time! Enjoy this heartwarming nutritious soup with the goodness of chicken, fish and spinach.

  • Corn Cannelloni

    This cannelloni recipe is creamy and cheesy with the goodness of corn, paneer and a hint of pepper.

  • Corn Stuffed Capsicums

    Capsicums stuffed with a masaledar corn mixture, topped with cheese and baked. Now that's a clever side dish.

  • Eggs Benedict

    Commonly, English muffin breads are used but this variation uses normal brown bread. Bread topped with some blanched spinach, smoked salmon, a delicately poached egg and Hollandaise sauce with a pinch of paprika. So let ...

  • Eggless Pineapple Pastry

    Sponge cake layered with cream and chopped pineapple, topped with whipped cream makes for this rich and smooth Pineapple Pastry.

  • Falafel with Pita Bread

    Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern snack. Chick pea balls fried and sliced between pita bread along with sour cream and tahini sauce.

  • Marinated Stuffed Peppers

    Bell peppers, tomatoes and aubergine, stuffed with herbs and added zests.

  • Matar Mushroom Sukhe

    Peas and mushrooms rolled up all glossy in yogurt and masalas.