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'Kids' - 253 Recipe Result(s)

  • Corn Fritters with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

    A snack the kids will love, corn fritters, is the perfect after school munch and it's delicious. Fried corn delights served with a tangy roasted bell pepper sauce.

  • Date Biscuit Roll

    Crushed biscuits with dates, eggs and butter. Chilled, cut into small slices and served with an ice-cream, chocolate strips, mint sprigs and some fresh oranges. It's a perfect treat for your kids!

  • Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

    This recipe evokes the flavours of childhood. A creamy filling sliced between decadent chocolate cookies straight out of the oven. Experiment with your kids in the kitchen or surprise them with a batch of these ...

  • Snow-Capped Fudge Cookies

    These holiday cookies are perfect to keep yourselves and your kids entertained in the kitchen. Freshly baked chocolate cookies crowned with a festive coconut-flavored topping.

  • Five Ingredient Choco Mousse

    It couldn't get easier and tastier than this. A terribly easy chocolate mousse with only five ingredients.

  • Idli Burger

    It's not just another burger, it's one with a South Indian twist. The crusted patty is made from fried pieces of rice idli and smeared with a tangy chutney.

  • Corn and Mushroom Tostada

    Tostada is a Spanish word which means 'toasted'. A crisp fried corn tortilla topped with a medley of mushrooms, herbs, chillies, coriander, avocado, salsa and sour cream from Depot 29 in New Delhi.

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    Velvety soft, strawberries and cream make for a dream team together. This recipes uses hung curd and cream instead of cream cheese.

  • Low Fat Chocolate Brownies

    Winner of the weekly Guilt Free Contest bakes away decadent chocolate brownies with healthy ingredients like curd, olive oil, wheat flour, honey and nuts.

  • Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

    Mexican quesadillas overloaded with exotic vegetables, layered with a spicy sauce and lots of cheese.

'Kids' - 127 Article Result(s)

  • Ludicrous Lunchboxes: When Did Kids Become Gourmets?

    When I was 10 years old the most exotic thing I'd eaten was a Chiko Roll - now kids think gravlax is a staple. Should we be admiring their palates or putting our foot down?Off ...

  • Kids' Obesity Risk Starts Before School Age

    A new study which was published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine and paid for by the U.S. government finds that much of a child's "weight fate" is set by age 5, and ...

  • Tin-Can Ice-Cream Recipe for Kids

    A perfect summer recipe to make with kids aged five and over.We used a stainless-steel storage tin and an old biscuit tin to make this. We also chose the hottest day of the year to ...

  • Kids' Genetic Risk For Obesity Rises With Age, Study Finds

    As children get older, genes appear to play an increasing role in whether some kids become heavier than their peers, a new study indicates.Researchers looked at 2,556 pairs of twins in England and Wales when ...

  • A Matter of Concern: Caffeine Consumption Common in Kids

    Nearly 3 out of 4 U.S. children and young adults consume at least some caffeine, mostly from soda, tea and coffee. The rate didn't budge much over a decade, although soda use declined and energy ...

  • How to Get Your Little Ones to Eat Nutritious Food

    Getting your child to eat nutritious food can be quite a struggle. The boring looking roti, simple pulses and green vegetables are enough to scare them away. Kids are most appeased by bright foods served ...

  • Eat With Your Kids for Their Well-Being

    Do not skip that family time with your kids, suggests a new study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University. According to the research, eating together with your kids can have significant effects on their growth. ...

  • Diet, Quality Pre-School Can Boost Kid's IQ

    There is an effective way of raising your kids' IQ -- just supplement their diets with fish oil, send them to quality pre-school and also engage them in interactive reading, vouches a new study.A team ...

  • The Food Apps That Could be Bad for Your Children's Health

    Kids enjoy food-based games - and tablets and smartphones offer a fun, interactive playing experience. But what happens when they are adverts for unhealthy processed food in disguise?A children's gardening and food app recently won ...

  • Kids' Restaurant Menus: Does it Have to be Chips With Everything?

    Studies have shown that children who eat the same food as adults are healthier. It's time to wave goodbye to chicken nuggets and pizzas.Nothing is certain but death and taxes. And chicken nuggets on children's ...