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  • Lemon Glazed Vegetables

    Potatoes, cauliflower and peas cooked with a lemony twist!

  • Lemon Tart

    A lemony dessert to end your meal on a fresh note. Tart cases filled with lemon curd consisting of lemon rind.

  • Lemon Sorbet

    Lemon sorbet is great as a dessert or as a palette cleanser between meals. Enjoy this grainy lemon sorbet recipe on a hot summer evening.

  • Chicken in Lemon Sauce

    Sauteed with spices, chicken is served with lemon and greens.

  • Rawas With Ginger Lemon Sauce

    Lovely and delicate rawas fish fillets marinated in a coriander marinade and pan seared. Drizzled with some ginger lemon sauce.

  • Key Lemon Pie

    A buttery biscuit case filled with lemon, condensed milk and egg mixture. Topped with a light meringue.

  • Lemon Rice with Spiced Curd

    Light and Lemony! Lemon flavored rice cooked with curry leaves, ginger, chillies, urad dal, channa dal and served with yogurt made with sizzling tadka of red pepper, urad dal and rai.

  • Lemon and Coriander Soup

    Lemon and coriander balanced by the zest of a chili sauce.

  • Lemon Chicken

    Chicken is stirred in with lemon juice and Indian spices, and with sugarcane juice afterwards to balance out the flavour.

  • Lemon Ginger Ice

    An icy treat for a hot summer day made with lemon, ginger and honey.

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