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    • Cabbage and Crooners: Rick Stein's Final Meal

      The celebrity chef, restaurateur and television presenter would head to Australia for cabbage and soppy songs.

    • Simply Spaghetti: Gennaro Contaldo's Final Meal

      The chef, restaurateur and mentor to Jamie Oliver returns to his home village on the Amalfi coast and takes the simple way out.

    • Life Was a Bowl of Cherries: Prue Leith's Final Meal

      The novelist, food writer and restaurateur goes out with a bang at a family barbecue with plenty of meat, wine and larks.

    • Stanley Tucci's Final Meal

      The actor and cookbook author's final curtain would fall on an Italian feast full of family memories.

    • Josceline Dimbleby's Final Meal | Last Bites

      The legendary food writer would be lulled by a musical luncheon.

    • Is Booze at Breakfast the Best Way to Start the Day?

      Barack Obama enjoyed a breakfast beer at the G7 summit and a London bar is now serving morning wine. From bloody mary to brandy, an early tipple is a fine European tradition

    • From Rapeseed to Coconut - the Oils Every Kitchen Should Have

      Olive oil may have become a staple for most home chefs, but there are others worth considering.

    • Readers' Recipe Swap: Packed Breakfasts

      The most important meal of the day is given some get up and go with your portable breakfast recipes for sweet and savoury granolas, fast and filling jars of oats and tasty tahini buns...

    • Richard Bertinet's Final Meal | Last Bites

      French baker, chef and author Richard Bertinet shells his last langoustine.

    • Lebanese Leave-taking: Greg Malouf's Last Meal

      Its a Middle-East family feast, Jerry Lewis films and a Frank Zappa album for chef Greg Malouf.

    • Sakura Sayonara: David Everitt Mathias's Final Meal

      Its Jazz and a Japanese theme among the cherry blossoms for chef David Everitt Mathias' send-off.

    • Paul Ainsworth's Final Meal | Last Bites

      The Cornwall-based chef opts for a Seychelles send-off.

    • Man-go With a Smile: Atul Kochar's Final Meal | Last Bites

      The master of modern Indian cuisine would check out with a childhood feast.

    • What's New in the World of Food This Week?

      This week were excited about a swathe of freshly published cookbooks, TEDx talks on food and a fancy set of wooden Nordic cooking utensils.

    • Cronuts, Cloth Coffee Filters and Portland Coffee Shops

      This week were excited about being let into patissier Dominique Ansels secret recipes, signing up for the Cookery School at Portland Street, and checking out the best coffee shops in Portland.

    • Bubble Trouble: Bubble Tea Without the Nasties

      Nicholas Phan started London's Biju Bubble Tea to make sure that his favourite drink was always made as well as it could be.

    • The Best Christmas Turkeys in Britain

      Tom Copas' Berkshire turkeys are so free-range he uses dogs to herd them. Now his flock are famed as the finest birds in the UK.My family has been farming in Cookham, Berkshire, for 120 years. We started off keeping cattle outside the pub, and slowly...

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