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    • Pregnant Women Who Exercise Cut Risk of Diabetes, Says Study

      The earlier in pregnancy women start exercising, the more benefit they gain, as well as helping to boost their baby's health, says report.

    • Fast Food Takeaway Shops Grow More Rapidly in Deprived Areas of UK

      Study finds takeaway food sector grew 45% in Norfolk 1990 to 2008, reinforcing calls to give councils stronger powers to limit junk food outlets.

    • Paracetamol Doesn't Help Lower-Back Pain or Arthritis, Study Shows

      Researchers want doctors to rethink endorsement of the drug, which they say is no more effective than a placebo for these conditions.

    • Improve Lifestyle to Reduce Risk of Cancer

      Almost 600,000 Britons developed cancer over five years as a result of unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and spending too much time in the sun, a new analysis reveals.

    • Dementia is the Third Most Common Cause of Death in UK, Research Finds

      According to a latest study, deaths from dementia have risen by 52% since 1990 and the disease is now the third most common cause of death in the UK.

    • Pizzas Contain Three Times the Daily Recommended Limit of Salt!

      Study of 1,267 types of pizza finds that half contained more than 6g of salt, an adult's recommended daily allowance.Some takeaway and prepared pizzas contain almost three times an adult's recommended daily intake of salt, the same as eating seven Big...

    • Patients Rarely Recognise Telltale Signs of Cancer - Study

      Experts say findings help explain why opportunities to diagnose cancer early are being missedPeople are risking their lives because they nearly always do not recognise warning signs of cancer as potential symptoms of the disease, new research shows....

    • Doctors Urged to Cut Antibiotics Prescriptions

      Growing use of antibiotics leading to increasing numbers of infections proving resistant to them, experts sayDoctors must stop prescribing so many antibiotics to patients because overuse is leading to increasing numbers of serious infections proving...

    • Young Women Delaying Getting Checked for Cervical Cancer

      Women under 25 can ignore signs of the disease for more than three months, research showsYoung women with symptoms of cervical cancer often delay getting checked for several months, risking the disease spreading by the time it is treated, research shows....

    • Double Mastectomy for Breast Cancer 'Does not Boost Survival Chances'

      Operation results in same mortality rates as having lumps removed and undergoing radiotherapy, new study findsWomen with breast cancer who opt for a double mastectomy to beat the disease do not increase their chances of survival, according to new research.Having...

    • Paracetamol Does not Help Lower Back Pain, Study Finds

      Researchers say painkiller is no better than placebo despite being frequently prescribed for conditionParacetamol does not help to relieve lower back pain despite it being a commonly prescribed treatment, according to new research.A study from Australia,...

    • Jamie Oliver calls for crackdown on junk food being sold near schools

      Chef says outlets being allowed to sell fast food close to schools is in conflict with the investment in food educationCampaigning chef Jamie Oliver has demanded a crackdown on the "crazy" policy of fast food premises opening near schools, as part of...

    • Children are being 'bombarded' by junk food ads, research has found

      Up to 11 advertisements for junk foods are screened during an hour's viewing of family-orientated television showsChildren are being "bombarded" with as many as 11 advertisements for junk foods during an hour's viewing of family-orientated television...

    • Christmas Day stress drives many of us to take our first drink by 11am

      British Heart Foundation urges people to find other ways to relaxMore than half of us have had our first Christmas Day drink by lunchtime in order to cope with the stress of the day, a survey suggests.Some 58% of Britons think it is acceptable to ...

    • Which? Attacks 'Exaggerated' Food Supplement Health Claims

      Boots among manufacturers 'using clever language to imply unproven benefits', says consumer group.Consumers are wasting money on food supplements that use "exaggerated, misleading and sometimes unauthorised" claims to promote their alleged health benefits,...

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