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    • For a Better Caesar, Get Kale Into the Mix

      The Caesar, done right, is a multiplatform salad. Beyond the taste of the thing, it is experienced across all the senses, a riot of contrasts, cold and crunch.

    • How Britain's Soda Tax Plan Could Spur New Low-Sugar Drinks

      A new soda tax in Britain, expected to become law, is different.

    • Antibiotic Resistance Is Worrisome, but Not Hopeless

      Every time we use antibiotics, we increase the chance for resistant strains to develop. Bacteria are very good at the evolution game.

    • In Australia, Noma Forages for Ingredients and Inspiration

      On the menu that comes to the table at the end of the meal, it is described simply as -abalone schnitzel and bush condiments.-

    • Vegetable Soups Built for Maximum Flavor

      Soup season has us in its wintry grip, and now is the time to give in to its demands. -Make more soup,- the wind insists as the sleet pelts down from the hoary sky.

    • The Right Sauces for Whole Wheat Pasta

      Whole wheat pasta just doesnt work with all sauces. Its nutty, somewhat assertive flavor can overpower a subtle sauce, and its texture, which can be granular, doesnt work with others.

    • A Valentine's Day Dinner You Can Make at Home

      What cooking essentials does a moderately skilled home cook need?

    • Burgers and Books: Why McDonald's is Serving Books in its Happy Meals

      How's this for a literary surprise? For the next two weeks, kids opening their McDonald's Happy Meal won't find a toy inside instead they'll get a free book.

    • Souping Is the New Juicing

      Soup cleanses also tend to be quite low in calories, often hovering around the 1,200 mark for a days worth of soup.

    • Chinese-American Chefs Start a Culinary Conversation With the Past

      -No Chinese parent sends their child off to college hoping theyll work in a kitchen,- said Chen, 31.

    • A Memorable Fillet of Sole, With a Touch of Color

      Fillet of sole is the perfect fish to cook for a romantic and elegant dinner for two.

    • Pasta for the Urbane Guest and the Kids

      Pasta with wild mushrooms and rosemary is an elegant dish, the kind of thing youd see at restaurants or maybe make yourself as dinner-party fare.

    • Chicory Rocks the Salad Bowl

      The well-loved Italian chicory called radicchio, now common in North America, comes in many guises.

    • The California Cabernet Sauvignons You Never Knew

      If you poke around the subdivisions in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, you may come across the remnants of La Questa Vineyard, which 100 years ago was thought to produce the finest cabernet sauvignon in California.

    • How to Make California-Style Pizzas at Home

      Making pizza dough is a great way for beginners to understand the nature of yeasted breads for what is a pizza but a type of flatbread? Its also a good introduction to the process of kneading.

    • Spice Box: In Six Compartments, All the Flavours of Home

      Unlatch the domed lid and you find a shallow tray with a long, dainty spoon for measuring. Below are tucked six canisters of spices, five of them - salt, cumin, coriander, red chilli and mango powder - arranged like petals around turmeric at the center.

    • China Embraces Craft Beers, and Brewing Giants Take Notice

      When Jin Xin first started selling imported premium beer a decade ago, his bar manager predicted that it would take a month or two just to sell a single case.

    • Chipotle Will Close Stores for Food Safety Meetings After Outbreaks

      Chipotles same-store sales dropped by 14.6 percent in the last quarter.

    • New Chipotle Mantra: Safe (and Fresh) Food

      Not many business success stories rival Chipotle Mexican Grills.

    • Broccoli's Saucy Side

      Italians cook broccoli longer than we do in the United States, until it is quite a bit softer and darker than we are accustomed to.

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