Interesting Diwali Gift Ideas: For Guilt-Free Festivities

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary  |  Updated: October 23, 2016 18:48 IST

Interesting Diwali Gift Ideas: For Guilt-Free Festivities
  • This Diwali, spread joy and good health
  • Your friends and family will love these 5 unique gift ideas
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The cool breeze, twinkling diyas and parties galore, Diwali is all this and more. But as much as we love this festive month, it also acts as a dampener on our fitness plans and goals. All those parties, fried indulgences, mithai (that you must eat else offense will be taken) and boxes and boxes of edible gifts eventually lead you down an unhealthy path that you have been avoiding the rest of the year.

The joy of gifting on Diwali is unparalleled. We travel far and wide to pick appropriate gifts for our near and dear ones. But many of these gifts are laden with sugar, preservatives and other undesirable elements. This year, why not revisit the very essence of the festival and spread good health and happiness? We present five exciting ideas for Diwali gifts which are healthy, unique and will earn you complements galore (and good karma too!):


1) Oil Free Pickles:Pickles and chutneys are what make Indian food so unique. Whether it is your grandmother's aam ka achaar or the quintessential khatta nimbu achaar, no meal is complete without pickle on the side. Alas, pickles are preserved in oil and salt, which often make them as unhealthy as they are tasty. Fret not, we have the solution. There is an entire range of oil free pickles now available which you can indulge in, minus the guilt. Forget the age old flavours and go ahead and experiment with Peppermint Garlic or even Kachhi Haldi!

2) Makhanas: Fox nuts are quite the rage nowadays and for good reason. These desi 'popcorns' are packed with nutrients, are low in fat and sodium and are even recommended for diabetics. The good news? They come in new-age flavours that you'd love to try. Choose from a variety of flavours including Wasabi, Piri Piri, Pudina and many more. And while you're buying them in bulk for Diwali gifting, buy yourself a few boxes too!

3) Nut Butters: What if we told you that Peanut Butter can actually help you lose weight? No really, it's true. Nut butter may be calorie dense but they come loaded with protein and have carbohydrates and good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated), the kind that your body needs. You could pick Peanut Butter, Almond Butter or even Cashew Butter. These delicious spreads go well on a toast or you can use them to lift a dessert to another level.

4) Healthy Cookies:Cookie boxes are a popular option for Diwali gifts. But avoid the maida and sugar laden cookies you find everywhere. There are so many healthy and tasty options available that you'll be spoilt for choice. Fig and chocolate munchies jostle for preference over oatmeal cookies or even those made with amaranth or brown rice. Know someone who loves chocolate? Gift them a jar of Walnut and Multigrain Chocolate Munchies and see their eyes light up.

5) Massage Oils: Health and wellness is as much about the mind as it is about your physical health. We can't think of a better gift than an assortment of fragrant massage oils, perfect for de-stressing and relaxation. Ingredients like eucalyptus or lavender come with a host of benefits.

Let the gifts you give not lie stacked in a corner in people's houses, waiting to be passed on. These unique Diwali Gift ideas will earn you brownie points and will prove to be memorable for whomever you share them with. Give a gift of health, this Diwali.


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