• Make Crispy Sour Cream And Onion Chips For Perfect Bite-Sized Snacks

    Chef Saransh Goila shared the recipe for sour cream and onion chips through an ASMR video on Instagram.

  • Christmas 2022: Here Is Your Reminder To Soak Dry Fruits For Plum Cake  

    In case you had forgotten to soak the Christmas cake fruits, chef Saransh Goila is here with a reminder.

  • From Kachori To Ghevar - A Complete Food Guide To Jodhpur Aka 'Blue City'

    Jodhpur or 'Blue City' has plenty to explore in terms of food. Here are some of our top recommendations!

  • From Market To Glass: How To Deseed Pomegranate And Make Its Juice

    Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, fibre, unsaturated fats, Vitamin E, K and magnesium. Here's how to peel it and make juice from it!

  • Know Your Beer: A Comprehensive Guide To Beer Styles

    Beers can be categorised based on their aroma, strength, flavour, appearance/ colour, mouthfeel and bittering agent.

  • Cabbage Kootu Recipe: This Semi-Gravy Dish From South India Makes For Wholesome Meal

    While some of the dishes have gained popularity across the globe, some have rooms to explore. One such dish remains kootu.

  • Alcohol - To Drink Or Not To Drink? Expert Reveals

    Alcohol Benefits: To understand why there is a caveat to how much to drink, let's understand how excess alcohol affects our body.

  • Allam Pachadi Recipe: How To Make This South Indian-Style Ginger Chutney

    A dish that finds its roots in Andhra Pradesh, allam pachadi makes for a worthy, stand-alone side-dish to elevate your meal.

  • How To Make South Indian-Style Cucumber Chutney

    This particular cucumber chutney recipe gets a South Indian spin to it. Let's find out the recipe.

  • How To Set Curd In Winter - 7 Easy Tips

    Dahi making in winters: Here we have a few easy tips to help you set curd just as easily in the coming cold days.

  • Is Your Cutlery Not Shiny Enough? Use This Method To Deep Clean It

    Give your cutlery a nice deep cleaning with chef Pankaj Bhadouria's special tips. Take a look at the video here!

  • The Return Of The Negroni: Cocktail Recipes To Try

    The Negroni is one of the most famous Italian cocktails due to its appearance, taste and the ease of its preparation.

  • Easy Breakfast Recipe: How To Make Butter Chicken Sandwich - Recipe Video Inside

    Easy Breakfast: For this butter chicken sandwich, all you need to do is, spread the butter chicken in between two bread slices, toast it and indulge.

  • Food Stall Or Corporate Job - Which Pays Better? Internet Debates

    A recent poll on Quora as well as a viral Instagram Reels video stirred up the debate of food stall versus corporate employee.

  • Watch: Viral Video Of Classic Gulab Jamun Given 'Flambe' Treatment

    The classic Indian dessert - Gulab Jamun - was given the 'flambe' treatment in an Instagram video that went viral.

  • Black Pepper Tea Recipe And Benefits For Weight Loss, Immunity, Sore Throat And More

    Black pepper tea comes as a quick-fix in relieving cold and cough, along with offering other advantages like facilitating weight loss.

  • Inside Shilpa Shetty, Farah Khan And Tabu's Food-Filled Pyjama Party

    Shilpa Shetty, Farah Khan and Tabu caught up for a fun-filled evening with lots of good food. Here are the inside pictures of their 'pyjama party'.

  • Immunity-Boosting Ladoo And 5 Other Recipes To Try This Winter

    Covering yourself in layers of woollen and hot drinks are not enough to beat the cold. You’ll have to accompany it with a diet, rich in immunity-boosting food. 

  • Health Benefits And How To Peel A Dragon Fruit. Courtesy: Chef Kunal Kapur

    Chef Kunal Kapur has also shared some of the health benefits of this unique fruit, as well as ways to cut it.

  • Shriram Nene, Madhuri Dixit’s Husband, Gives Culinary Lessons To Son

    Just like Madhuri Dixit, her husband Shriram Nene too is fond of cooking. Here's what he made and shared on Instagram!

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