• This Kimchi Fried Rice Will Make Your Meal A Delicious Affair

    Viral Recipe: If you are fond of rice dishes, let this delectable kimchi fried rice tingle your tastebuds.

  • Watch: This Creamy Pasta Recipe Spells Indulgence In Every Bite

    We all love Pasta, so why not try making a pasta salad with it? Try this creamy pasta salad recipe today.

  • International Beer Day 2022: Top 9 Beers In India You Have Got To Try

    International Beer Day: 5th August is celebrated as Beer Day globally. Here are the top Beers in India that you have got to try.

  • Happy Friendship Day 2022: 7 Classic Cocktails You Can Enjoy With Friends

    Happy Friendship Day 2022: Here are some classic and refreshing cocktail recipes you can enjoy with your close friends.

  • Veg Tandoori Pulao Recipe: This Smoky, Spicy Pulao Will Be Ready In No Time

    Veg Tandoori Pulao is a fiery, spicy and smoky recipe full of vegetables and bursting with flavours.

  • Chef's Special: 4 Delicious Recipes To Put Together A Classic Vrat Thali

    Fasting during Sawan 2022? Here's how you can put together a classic Vrat thali for a special meal.

  • How To Make Creamy Egg Curry: A Yummy Delight That Will Be Ready In 15 Mins

    Oozing with delight, this creamy egg curry is a quick recipe that is ready in a matter of minutes!

  • When Pasta Went Desi - Hilarious Thread Reveals What Indians Add To Pasta

    Just like pizza, we Indians have also customised pasta to our own liking. A funny Twitter thread discussed what ingredients we add to desi pasta!

  • 5 Soluble Fibre-Rich Foods That Experts Recommend For Diabetics

    Nutritionist Lovneet Batra listed five foods that are rich in soluble fibres, and beneficial for diabetic patients.

  • How To Make Farali Pattice - A Gujarati Snack To Have During Vrat

    Farali Pattice: We found an amazing Gujarati snack recipe that can be considered a great alternative for sabudana vada - it's called farali pattice.

  • Watch: Craving Some Yummy Ramen? We Found The Perfect Recipe

    Ramen-lovers, rejoice! This delicious Peanut Butter Ramen recipe by chef Guntas is going to make your meal a class apart.

  • Monday Special Mughlai Egg Curry Recipe: Kick-Start Your Week With A Touch Of Royalty

    Mughlai Egg Curry is a delicious and royal treat that can make for a delicious start to your week!

  • Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022: Best Deals On Food Products With Up To 35% Off

    Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022: Grab the best deals on oats, biscuits, cake mixes and more. Hurry, the sale ends tonight!

  • This Butter Garlic Goli Idli Recipe By Chef Kunal Kapur Is Everything Yummy

    When untimely hunger pangs strike, this Butter Garlic Goli Idli is truly a winner! Try this recipe by chef Kunal Kapur today.

  • Jaggery Or Sugar - Which Is Healthier? Expert Reveals

    Jaggery or sugar - which is a healthier alternative? Expert reveals the numerous benefits jaggery has to offer vis-a-vis sugar.

  • Quick Recipes: This Easy 2-Ingredient Spinach Pasta Is Ready In A Jiffy

    Looking for a quick weeknight dinner? Try this 2-ingredient Spinach Pasta recipe that'll be ready in an instant.

  • Momo Mania: 7 Best Street-Style Momo Places In Delhi

    Momos in Delhi: Street-style momos hit different, which is why we have curated a list of the 7 best streetside momo places in Delhi.

  • World Biryani Day 2022: 7 Classic Biryani Recipes To Celebrate The Day

    World Biryani Day 2022 is celebrated on July 3. Here are some classic Biryani recipes for you to enjoy today!

  • This Monsoon, Try Out These 7 Tasty Soup Recipes For A Healthy Indulgence

    Soup Recipes for Monsoon: If you like savouring soups, we have got you covered. Check out these seven fantastic soup recipes.

  • Healthy And Organic: 5 Latest Trends In Beverages For 2022

    Trends in Beverages: The ideology behind these new trends is that consumers have shifted towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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