5 Best Atta-Based Indian Desserts You Can Try At Home

Whole wheat flour or atta is a better option to prepare desserts than refined flour. Here we have 5 of the best atta-based Indian desserts you can prepare at home.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: November 01, 2019 15:15 IST

5 Best Atta-Based Indian Desserts You Can Try At Home

Atta-based desserts are perfect to relish when those sugar cravings arrive.

  • Atta or whole wheat flour is known to be better than refined flours
  • Here are delicious Indian desserts that you can prepare with atta
  • From ladoos to halwa you can prepare a lot with whole wheat flour

Can you imagine going for a dinner where there are no desserts? Or, eating at a restaurant with nothing sweet to complete your meal? Of course, not! Desserts are one part of the meal that no one can resist. And, we never need a reason to bite into a decadent sweet treat. While we love to gorge on our favourite desserts, some refined ingredients in them might affect our health adversely. Refined flour (maida), the most processed form of wheat, is used in most desserts and is considered relatively unhealthy. This is mainly because all the nutritious elements of wheat have been removed in the final product. But, we have an alternative to maida that is better and healthier, and that is - aata or whole wheat flour.

Atta is considered nutritious since it is less processed and retains most of the nutrients. Whole wheat is a rich source of dietary fibre and protein, which are essential macro-nutrients required for a healthy body. Foods rich in dietary fibre are good for the gut and may also help reduce the risk of a number of diseases including heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Aata, thus, makes for a great ingredient to prepare healthier desserts. Here we have 5 best Indian aata-based desserts to prepare at home and gorge on them, guilt-free!

5 Best Atta-Based Indian Desserts You Can Try At Home:


Who doesn't love biting into a round, sweet little delight of ladoo? Be it a festival, puja or just about any celebratory occasion, ladoo cuts for the most popular option to prepare in every Indian household. Here is an easy atta ladoo recipe to prepare at home, which is packed with the richness of raisins, sultanas, almonds and makhanas.


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goond ka ladoo
A rich, whole wheat sweet commonly made in the Indian households.

Decadent halwa is a sure-shot way to satiate your sweet cravings. Just four ingredients and 30 minutes of time, and you'll have an ambrosial treat to relish. You don't need any special occasion; gorge on this atta dessert any time you want.

A quick fix for your sweet cravings.


Another ladoo that is simply perfect for any occasion! Loaded with semolina (suji), chickpea flour (besan), whole wheat flour (atta), cardamom and almonds; this suji besan atta ladoo is a delicious sweet to prepare at home.


A winter favourite, panjiri is a fried, dry and sweet snack made from whole wheat flour, sugar and ghee and packed with dried fruits, nuts and at times edible gum or gond. It is also offered as prasad during puja in many Indian households besides being relished on winter mornings and evenings to ward off cold and bolster immunity, since it produces heat in the body.

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If you love panjiri, you will absolutely love this ladoo! Aata, suji, makhana, coconut and loads of nuts make this a delicious pick to prepare at home.

These atta-based Indian desserts are sure to impress your taste buds. Prepare these at home and let us know your favourite one in the comments section below.


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