11 Best Ladoo (Laddu) Recipes | Easy Ladoo Recipes

Ladoos are a quintessential Indian sweet savoured on every festival or occasion in our country. Let us take you through 11 best ladoo (laddu) recipes that will force you to gorge on to these delights, right now!

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: October 15, 2019 17:34 IST

11 Best Ladoo (Laddu) Recipes | Easy Ladoo Recipes

Ladoo recipes to try at home.

  • What makes ladoo a special sweet is its versatility
  • The origin of ladoos was because the ingredients were used as medicine
  • 10 Best ladoo recipes that will force you to gorge on to these delights

Popular Ladoo (laddu) Recipes- Gorging into this round, sweet and colourful delights called ladoo is exactly how we define pure love. Agree or not, if we had an option to select our national sweet, we would have named ladoo as one of the strongest contenders among many others. It is a ubiquitous sweet that is prepared every time during a festival, a family function or any other occasion. What makes ladooa special sweet is its versatility. It can be made with different ingredients and in fact, every Indian region has a variety of its own. But did ladoos actually originate to be savoured as treats? Interestingly not! Read on as we tell you.

The origin of ladoos was more because the ingredients that were used had exceptional medicinal properties and were given to women during pregnancy and further to replenish the lost nutrients in their body after giving birth. It is also believed that these ladoos were given to teenage girls to keep their raging hormones under control. Many ladoos were spicy more than sweet. Ladoos made with sesame seeds, jaggery, sonth and peanuts loaded with ghee were made as a healthy treatment more than any indulgence. Eventually, the experiments with different condiments began and then came besan ke ladoo, boondi ke ladoo, rava ke ladoo and nariyal ke ladoo among others from different regions. Although ladoos are still prevalent in treating pregnant women, however, it is more popular as a sweet that all of us love.

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ladooWhat makes ladoo a special sweet is its versatility.

Now that you know the background of ladoos, let us take you through our 11 best ladoo recipes that will force you to gorge on to these delights:

1. Ragi Coconut Ladoo

An immensely popular dish found in India, Ragi Coconut Ladoo is nutritionally rich due to the high protein and mineral value present in its main ingredient, Ragi. Here's a yummy ladoo recipe that is wholesome, healthy and produced with coconut, jaggery and crunchy peanuts.

m9ban7tgFinger Millets (Ragi) are grown in the Himalayas and are usually inter-cropped with peanuts.

2. Besan Ke Ladoo

Gram flour or besan roasted with ghee in a kadhai, flavored with sugar and cardamom and shaped into tight round balls, decorated with almonds and pistachios. Besan ka ladoo is an Indian dessert usually made during festive times. If stored well, besan ke ladoo has a long shelf life so you can relish them for many days.

Besan ladooDecorated with almonds and pistachios, this ladoo recipe makes for a mouth-watering Indian desser​t.

3. Boondi Ke Ladoo

A very famous Indian dessert usually made during festive times like Diwali. Also known as Motichoor ke ladoo, it is a sweet treat with cashews, raisins, saffron and the light flavour of cardamom. Boondi ke ladoos are a mix of small boondis and are relished equally by kids and adults. Mouth-watering much? Get going and try this now!

boondi ke ladooA sweet treat made with gram flour (besan) batter along with with cashews, raisins, saffron and the light flavor of cardamom.​

4. Atta Ladoo

Atta Ladoo is a simple recipe with few ingredients, but the texture and taste is amazing! A whole wheat sweet commonly made in the Indian households, atta ladoo is loaded with ghee and filled with so many nuts making it crunchy, nutritious and super yummy.

atta ladoo
Perfectly sweet atta ladoo, prepare for the festive season or relish it whenever since they are too easy and quick to make!

5. Til Ladoo

A festive treat, 'Til Ladoos' are usually prepared to celebrate Lohri, Makar Sankranti or Janmashtmi. This delicate sweet is made with roasted sesame seeds and jaggery and flavoured with saffron and will leave you asking for more.

til ladooA perfect warming snack in winters, make them, store them and have whenever you want.​

Comments6. Sonth Aur Methi Ke Ladoo

Ladoos made with fenugreek seeds, ginger, saunf and jaggery. aSonth aur Methi ke Ladoo are a healthy snack option, specifically good for pregnant or lactating women and also provide warmth to the body thus being a great winter special snack.

sonth methi ladooSonth Aur Methi Ka Ladoo is the perfect ladoo to binge as a snack during winters.

7. Murmura Ladoo

Crispy ladoos made with puffed rice and molten jaggery, crunchy savoury that will not let you stop from eating just one. Murmura ladoo is quite filling and are among one of the most loved sweet treats around.

murmura laddooMurmura ladoo is light and low on calories.

8. Nariyal Ladoo

Coconut ladoo are easily the most popular ladoos on various occasions. Be it festivals like Diwali or other special occasions and pujas, nariyal or coconut ladoo are made and relished throughout. Coconut cooked with khoya and condensed milk, shaped into round balls and stuffed with almonds and cashews.

coconut laddooSoft, white, sweet balls made in just about half an hour is a delight to relish!

9. Rava Ladoo

Delicious semolina ladoos made with some crunchy dry fruits. Rava or sooji or semolina is a popular ingredient to make Indian dishes like halwa. This ladoo recipe made with rava is an easy and quick one to make. Do try this healthy option if you think other ladoos are fattening.

rava laddooIndulge in these rava ladoos, guilt-free!

10. Ragi Oats Ladoo

Healthy ladoos made with ragi flour, oats flour, honey, dates and milk. Coated with sesame seeds and coconut, these ladoos make you go oh yum!  This recipe of ragi oats ladoo is perfect for a combination of healthy and delicious.

ragi laddoo oats Goodness of dates filled, this ladoo recipe is perfect for a healthy, sweet indulgence!

11. Almond and Amaranth Ladoo

Is there any Indian dessert more easier than a ladoo recipe made with just 3 ingredients and less than even half an hour? Of course no! But here is this badaam and amaranth ladoo recipe which is quick and easy than anything else. Packed with the goodness of almond and amaranth, this is the perfect snack to celebrate any occasion, guilt-free!
mmg28dtA no-regret ladoo recipe! Almond and amaranth ladoos are perfect for this festive season.

We are sure these are hard to resist! Do tell us which are your favourite ladoos and which ones did you try making at home.

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