5 Gluten-Free And Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love 

We have compiled 5 healthy snacks that you can make for your kids that they will want to eat too. You have to try these recipes to provide your kids with the right nutrition.

Manya Singh  |  Updated: April 13, 2020 20:22 IST

5 Gluten-Free And Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love 
  • Kids are super picky and super fussy about what they eat.
  • It can be a tough task to feed them healthy foods.
  • Here are some tasty snack option that are healthy and gluten-free.

It can be tough trying to serve healthy vegetables to kids, which most of them try to avoid. Often we have to look for unique and smart ways to add these nutritious veggies to their diet. Moreover, going out to eat is no better option. Eating outside is not only unhealthy but the food may also be highly processed. Furthermore, it is tough to find gluten free alternatives for kids who might be gluten intolerant or if you wish to feed your kids good carbs and fiber. To solve this problem, we have compiled 5 healthy snacks that you can make for your kids that they will want to eat too. You have to try these recipes to provide your kids with the right nutrition. And, we are sure they are going to love these snacks too! 

Try these 5 gluten-free and healthy snacks: 

Crispy Corn:

Corns have a variety of nutrients, are gluten-free and are a healthy alternative to potato chips, fries, etc. To make this recipe, add boiled corns to a pan with some olive oil, salt, pepper, chaat masala, garam masala and let them cook until golden brown and crunchy. This is not only a healthier alternative to the fried crispy corns but will also be better than basic popcorns as they are not as filling as this. Happy Snacking!

Baked Paneer Samosa:

Samosa is not only made with refined maida and starch-rich potatoes but is also entirely fried, making it a sin to eat! Kids often love such unhealthy snacks and this recipe is going to solve that problem for you. Swap maida with rice paper (used for spring rolls) or almond flour and swap the potato filling with paneer, peas, capsicums and onions filling. Bake the samosas in the microwave for a few minutes instead of frying. Enjoy your mouthwatering guilt-free and gluten-free baked paneer samosa.


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Baked samosa is a healthier way of serving this popular street food. 

Idli Manchurian:

South-Indian cuisine is popular for being healthy and is believed to provide a good amount of nutrients. Also, there is a variety of gluten-free recipes. While idlis are healthy, the regular manchurian balls are fried and unhealthy, made of maida. Try this non-fry idli manchurian to make your Chinese dinner at home even more delicious and healthy. Add boiled idli cubes to the manchurian sauce and enjoy your healthy manchurian and rice!

Oats Dhokla:

Dhokla itself is a healthier snack compared to other Indian snacks. This baked savoury cake with sweet syrup is full of flavour and texture. Although the regular dhokla is healthy and gluten-free too, oats are a healthier gluten-free option and are full with nutrients. Swap the besan batter with blended oats and little besan. You can also swap the sugar syrup with brown sugar to make it even healthier. Enjoy this unique and delicious delight!

Bread Pizza:

Bread pizza is not only a quicker alternative but is also healthy. You can make your normal pizza healthy by swapping the maida base with brown rice flour/ buckwheat flour bread slices and use a homemade pizza sauce instead of the processed packed sauce. You can add a variety of veggies as it's a great way to feed kids veggies and top them with some cheese. While cheese is considered fatty and unhealthy, it's a good source of healthy fats and is safe to keep in your diet in moderation. 

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Bread pizza is easy to make at home.

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And there you have it, your delicious and easy-to-make healthy snacks are ready!

Always Remember: The trick lies in the preparation. It is very easy to make anything healthy or healthier if you correctly find healthy and delicious substitutes to unhealthy ingredients. Just like these, you can improvise many other recipes and make eating healthy fun and easy for you and your kids! Healthy snacking!


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