Christmas 2020: 5 Best Winter Drinks And Cocktails To Enjoy This Season

Christmas Cocktails: 'Tis the season! From mulled wine to hot fruit punch, we have a bevy of drinks for you to celebrate the joyous festival.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: December 24, 2020 17:30 IST

Christmas 2020: 5 Best Winter Drinks And Cocktails To Enjoy This Season

Christmas Day drinks: Here are the best drink recipes for you to celebrate.

  • Christmas 2020 is being celebrated at home by most people
  • There are a number of recipes that you can make on the festival
  • Here are 5 of our favourite winter drink recipes including mulled wine

Christmas 2020 is here and the excitement is evident among people, after nearly a year of coping with the pandemic. Although large gatherings are still a strict no-no, people are nowhere close to letting this dampen the festive spirit. Christmas is traditionally associated with all sorts of delicious and comforting food, right from roast Turkey to Pumpkin Pie, gingerbread cookies and cranberry sauce. There are also a number of soul-stirring drinks such as mulled wine which the joyous festival of Christmas is incomplete without. These are beverages which help the body stay warm in the chilly winters, truly the drinkable equivalent of a warm hug!

Here Are 5 Best Winter Drinks And Cocktails To Enjoy On Christmas 2020:

1. Mulled Wine 

A glass of mulled wine is an essential part of Christmas since times immemorial. With a mix of festive spices and an array of flavours, there is no coming back once you try this incredible drink recipe. Click here for the full step-by-step recipe text.

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Christmas 2020: Mulled wine is one of the most classic Christmas beverages. 

2. Warm Apple Winter Punch

If you can't imagine a drink without a fruity kick, this winter punch is just for you! A wonderful combination of orange, apple, lemon and pineapple juices makes this warm fruit punch a heaven for beverage aficionados. Here is an easy recipe for you to try.

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apple and kinnu winter punch

3. Hot Chocolate Cow

Hot chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most favourite, classic winter drinks. This Christmas, we highly recommend you to try its funkier, edgier new avatar - the Hot Chocolate Cow. Click here to know how to make this smooth, creamy cocktail drink for Christmas 2020.

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hot chocolate is overloaded with calories

Christmas 2020: Hot chocolate gets a cocktail twist. 

4. Slow Cooked Spiced Sangria

There is no better companion to the winter festive season than a glass of fresh, hot Sangria. Our favourite recipe is this slow-cooked, spiced Sangria made with a heady mix of sweet, spice and everything nice. Here is the full recipe text of this delicious winter drink.

b5kt21mChristmas 2020: Sangria gets an interesting twist. 

5. Hot Fruit Punch

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If you love fruit punch in summers, wait till you try our winter-special hot fruit punch! This satiating drink is made with hearty, warm ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and jaggery - thus perfect for Christmas celebrations. Click here for the full step-by-step recipe text.


Christmas 2020: Here's how you can reinvent the classic fruit punch for winters.


Merry Christmas 2020!

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