Happy Friendship Day 2014: Best Friends of the Food World

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Happy Friendship Day 2014: Best Friends of the Food World

True friendship is a bond that is worth cherishing, a feeling that is to be preserved lifelong, an experience that is to be lived in its entirety every second.

It is akin to some of the simplest things in life, like a breathtaking view at the boundless expanse of nature, or like simple, elating good food that you come back to, every day.

It's friendship's day folks and we know that this time as well you have set aside all your prior commitments to spend that special time with your BFFs. Remember all those times when you were late for a movie? Did you not coax and coerce your friend into believing the idea of your inseparable friendship being similar to bread and butter?
Best friends are inseparable, much like some of the classic food combinations that will never go out of style. You know that being with your best friend is like a combination of a hot brownie with ice cream.

Here's to the couple of the most wonderful things that go hand in hand. Oh, what would our lives really be without our besties' shoulder and huge spoonfuls of steaming mac'n'cheese! We bring you something as obvious yet elating as your friendship, something that'll always remain everlasting as that special bond, here are some classic food combinations.

Mac 'n' Cheeze - Nothing compliments a bowl of macaroni like dollops of gooey cheese. It's as simple as they come. Yet the two tango like they are long lost friends.

Macaroni Cheese
Recipe by Manju Malhi


Nachos with Salsa

Remember those late night movies in hostels or the hairsplitting football finale? Who was your other companion besides your bestie? Crunchy nachos with fiery salsa, indeed!

Nachos(Recipe by Niru Gupta)
Tomato Salsa(Recipe by Seema Chandra)



Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Brownie and ice cream combo is like a situation when your bestfriend is not in town, well, you will try to do without him/her, but whenever you guys are together, there's nothing really like it, is there?

Chocolate Brownie(Recipe by Niru Gupta)
Vanilla Ice Cream(Recipe by Niru Gupta)



Burger with French fries

I can vouch for the umpteen times my friends and I have hit the nearest eating joint to indulge in a juicy burger along with mindless munching over crisp fries. When you order one, you crave the other. Choose from a wide variety of burgers, from juicy and meaty ones to the crunchy veggie's delight, they will fail to fail you when teamed with those fries.

French Fries(Recipe by Niru Gupta)



Chai with Biscuits

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Simple and delightful, some things in life are just so. Nothing beats dunking those sweet delights in hot and steaming tea, and chit-chatting over them is a regular affair!

Masala Chai(Recipe by Niru Gupta)




Cheers to friendship and good food.
Happy Friendship's Day!

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