How to Make Bread Crumbs

Smriti Agarwal  |  Updated: March 16, 2017 13:28 IST

How to Make Bread Crumbs
  • Bread crumb is a form of crumbled bread
  • They are used with soups or a crisp topping for puddings and bakes
  • They are usually made with white or whole wheat bread
Bread crumb is a form of crumbled bread. Bread crumbs can be used in a number of ways like a filler for meatloaf, to coat home-made fish fingers and chicken cutlets or as a crispy topping for macaroni, casseroles and vegetable gratin. Our favourite way to use them is as a crunchy side with a steamy bowl of soup which makes it a lot tastier. You can even sneak them in quiches, frittatas and puddings for a crispy texture. Fresh breadcrumbs are usually made best at home. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make bread crumbs. 
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STEP 1: Select The Right Kind Of Bread

The appropriate bread type used to make bread crumbs is white or whole wheat breads. Basically, the bread shouldn’t have seeds, large grains, or other additions like raisins or berries. Also, avoid using bread that is very soft, especially the supermarket sliced breads which are used for sandwich-making. Some of the white or whole wheat breads like French, or Italian style loaves are the most suitable for making fresh breadcrumbs.
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STEP 2: Remove the crusts

Firstly, decide the amount of bread slice you would like to use and cut the crust of each slice. In case, you are using a loaf of bread simply dig out the center of the bread.

STEP 3: Make the crumbs

Approximately, four slices of regular sized breads will make around one cup of breadcrumbs. If you’re making them by hand, use a coarse box grater to grate the bread loaf directly on it. If you use a food processor, you will get more fine crumbs. Cut the bread loaf into small cubes first as this will produce the most even result. You can even cut them into small cubes and use. These are mostly served with soups while the fine bread crumbs lend a crispy top to puddings and savoury bakes. 

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STEP 3: Fry them

Heat some oil or butter in a deep pan. Fry the raw bread crumbs until they turn golden. This might take about 3-4 minutes.

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STEP 4: Remove from heat

Breadcrumbs are best consumed as soon as they are fried. They taste more delicious when they are warm and freshly made.
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