National Nutrition Week: 5 Easy Ways To Eat Amaranth For Breakfast

Amaranth for Breakfast: The health benefits of this wholesome grain are plenty, which is why it should be incorporated in the very first meal itself.

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: September 06, 2020 14:48 IST

National Nutrition Week: 5 Easy Ways To Eat Amaranth For Breakfast
  • National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1st to 7th September
  • Amaranth is a wholesome grain which works wonders for health
  • Here are 5 easy recipes to include the wholesome grain in your breakfast

The first week of September from 1st to 7th marks what is known as National Nutrition Week. The idea is to bring about conversations around health, nutrition and keeping fit by eating well. Amaranth is one underrated ingredient which has been around for many years but has still not found a way into our daily diets. The health benefits offered by this wholesome grain are plentiful, which is why we have curated a list of the easiest ways to incorporate it in the very first meal of the day.

Why Is Amaranth Important for Good Health? | Health Benefits Of Amaranth Grain

Amaranth is a gluten-free cereal that is rich in a number of essential nutrients such as Calcium, Protein, Fibre and Manganese. A single 100 grams serving of the grain offers approximately 47 grams of Calcium as per the USDA which is even higher than the quantity of Calcium found by milk. The hearty ingredient also contains good amounts of micronutrients such as Magnesium and Phosphorous which are absolutely integral to good brain and bone health. Amaranth could also boost weight loss and significantly impact the number of good antioxidants in our body.

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Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Eat Amaranth For Breakfast:

1. Amaranth Granola

A nutritious bowl of this healthy granola combined with milk, yogurt or smoothie is the perfect way to begin your day. Click here for the recipe.

2. Amaranth Tikkis

Give your aloo tikki a miss and try these healthy and delicious Amaranth ticks for breakfast. Trust us, you won't be disappointed. Click here for the recipe.

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nttjoiv8Amaranth grain can be used to make a number of delicious recipes. 

3. Amaranth Flour, Carrot and Raisin Cookies

Guilty of having a sweet tooth? Make these wholesome amaranth flour cookies for an indulgent surprise without bundling up the calories. Click here for the recipe.

4. Amaranth Bathua Duet with Turmeric Foam 

Amaranth flour and Bathua come together in this wonderful restaurant-style recipe by Executive Chef Anurudh Khanna of The Westin, Gurgaon, who explains, "This dish packs taste with health enriching and immunity boosting properties of Amaranth, Bathua and spinach leaves that are all very healthy. Together they make a great immunity-building combination and a great lunch which can be tossed quickly on a busy afternoon. This National Nutrition Week - I urge everyone to pause and reflect on their food choices and make the most of local ingredients."

This will soon become your go-to for a healthy breakfast or even a satiating snack! Click here for the recipe. 

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5. Strawberry Amaranth Cupcakes

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Cupcake is a dessert that everyone adores, and these special cupcakes combine the goodness of Amaranth flour with fresh strawberries! Click here for the recipe. 

Apart from these recipes, Amaranth can always be added to your favourite smoothie bowl or had as a part of your breakfast cereal. Although the health benefits offered by the grain are immense, it is a good idea to consult a nutritionist or dietitian before adding the grain in your diet in large quantities. Bon appetit!


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