Navratri 2016: What You Should be Eating on Day 5

   |  Updated: April 12, 2016 11:56 IST

Navratri 2016: What You Should be Eating on Day 5
  • Fasting gives you a chance to detox and cleanse your systems.
  • Ayurveda favours regular, short-term fasting.
  • It can rekindle the digestive fire and lighten your body.
Most people think that fasting involves giving up on a lot of things and following a restrictive diet but if you look at it from a health perspective it actually encourages you swap the regular stuff with ingredients that are considered pure and are healthier. Fasting is an integral part of Indian festivals but it also gives you a chance to detox, cleanse your systems and break from the daily routine. In fact, Ayurveda favours regular, short-term fasting which is known to rekindle the digestive fire, lighten your body and preserve overall health. Make these Navratri fasts a feast for your body, mind and soul.

Dr. Rupali Datta, Clinical Dietician at Fortis-Escorts Hospital suggests an interesting menu that will make your day easy. Navratri is a nine-day affair. As you step into the fifth day of fasting, the menu tends to offer a lot more. While the first few days focus on light meals, you can now indulge in some vegetarian kebabs and paneer for a wholesome meal.

Day 5

Early MorningBegin your day by sipping some Honey Lemonade to cleanse your system. Chomp on some nuts like almonds and walnuts to boost your energy levels and prep you for the day.


For breakfast, fuel up on Shakarkandi ki Chaat. Sweet potatoes contain the good carbs that will keep you full till lunch. Drizzle some Sonth Ki Chutney to add a sweet and tangy flavour. Pair your meal with a glass of Date Shake.

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Have a light lunch with delicious Kebab-e-Kela (raw banana kebabs) and Singhare Atte ka Halwa to soothe your sweet cravings.

Evening Tea

Regular snacking can prevent feeling low. Dig into a bowl of Fresh Fruit Chaat accompanied with your evening cup of tea.

Fasting need not be boring! Enjoy a creamy Paneer Mazedaar for dinner along with crisp Kuttu Parathas.

CommentsEnd your day with a glass of milk. It's true, it does help you sleep better and prevents mid-night cravings. Avoid adding sugar as that may perk up your digestive functions and make you feel uneasy while in bed.


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