This Will Make Your Day: Shilpa Shetty Kundra's Grand Sunday Binge in Dubai

   |  Updated: September 11, 2017 13:37 IST

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This Will Make Your Day: Shilpa Shetty Kundra's Grand Sunday Binge in Dubai
  • This time around, Shilpa's Sunday Binge was more like a grand feast
  • She is celebrating her husband's birthday in Dubai
  • In her two-part series, she enjoys sinful sweets at different restaurants
Shilpa Shetty Kundra has been taking the world of Instagram by storm and inspiring her million fans with her fitness and diet tips. An avid yoga practitioner, Shilpa has been practising and promoting the ancient form of exercise for many years, but her Instagram account will give you a peek into a lot more than just that. It tells us that Shilpa is a lover of all things natural, follows a disciplined lifestyle and yet knows how to enjoy the little things in life. One of her best diet mantras that has been inspiring all of us is Shilpa’s famous Sunday Binge. 

The secret to Shilpa’s lean figures is definitely a healthy daily diet and regular exercise but that does not mean that she has totally given up on her favourite foods. Shilpa isn’t against indulging in guilty pleasures – in fact she encourages them every once in a while. “There are days when I let go. Sunday is my cheat day. I put it on Instagram as proof that I eat and I eat everything on Sundays. I wait for it through the week. I don’t do it to show off that I eat and still I’m fit but to tell people that on other days I keep up with my routine and I’ve given this one day to everything my heart desires. It keeps me motivated and I’m able to keep cravings away. You can do the same. Give yourself a one-day cheat break and enjoy life,” she shared with us when we caught up with her in Mumbai. 

Here’s another secret – Shilpa loves cooking and on most Sundays you’ll find her enjoying an amazing home-cooked breakfast or whipping up a sinful dessert for herself and her family while on the others she’ll be out and about indulging in her favourite treats, especially sweets , bite by bite. 

This time around, Shilpa’s Sunday Binge was more like a grand feast as she celebrates her husband Raj Kundra’s Birthday in Dubai. The two-part sweet celebration starts with hot and freshly made Bakhlava with Turkish Ice Cream. The Ice Cream Bakhlava Cake is a specialty at the famous restaurant Nusr-Et in Duba and Shilpa calls is the ‘Best thing ever in Dubai’. Her post tells us that she really enjoyed her experience at Nusr-Et as she writes “Didn’t know how to react when the piping hot bakhlava touched my tongue and soothed with freezing ice cream and to top it the burst of flavours. Incredibly delicious.” (sic)

Have a look at her Sunday Binge in Dubai –Part 1 video which she posted on her official account on Instagram - @theshilpashetty

In the celebratory mood, Shilpa seems to have completely given in to her temptations and binged on a plateful of desserts later to soothe her sweet tooth. In her second video, she can be seen enjoying a dessert tasting session with Rashed Belhasa, a 15-year old entrepreneur who is a native of Dubai and founder of the brand Money Kicks. She is served a drool-worthy plate of Doughnut Ice-Cream and Milk Cake. It’s just too tempting to watch – you’ve been warned. 

By the end of her grand sweet meal, Shilpa does admit that she’s “Gone overboard but all worth it. 20 surya namaskars tomorrow.” Shilpa, you’re definitely giving us some life goals.

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