Cycling for Weight Loss: How it Helps & 5 Essential Tips

Smriti Agarwal  |  Updated: February 28, 2017 09:01 IST

Cycling for Weight Loss: How it Helps & 5 Essential Tips
  • There are multiple health benefits associated with cycling
  • 5 Tips to Lose Weight by Cycling
  • Start your day with a healthy and light breakfast
Running on the road or on the treadmill to lose weight can become very tedious over a period of time. 
After a couple of days, you might want to give up and that’s the beginning of the end of your motivation. Also, the end of your dreams to shed weight and get into shape before the summer season is here. Weight loss becomes a huge task when you pressurise yourself into doing an extensive workout. But wait – we’ve got an alternative that may be effective and fun at the same time. Why not make the whole process more interesting? Why not cycle to lose weight?  

Pull up your socks, gather your friends and go on a cycling spree. There are multiple health benefits associated with cycling and you burn calories while have a good time. Cycling in groups is now a social activity with friends and colleagues gathering over weekends to ride for hours. In case you can’t find time substitute other means of transport with a bicycle. 

According to Mr. Ramesh Kolkiyal, Delhi-based fitness trainer, “Cycling helps in pumping of heart and lungs which aids in weight loss. Any person having issues regarding knees can opt for cycling for weight loss.”
5 Tips to Lose Weight by Cycling

1. Eat Breakfast Before You Ride

Never start your cycling routine on an empty stomach. Starting your day with a healthy, and light, breakfast will help in boosting metabolism. An empty stomach slows the process of metabolism which leads to weight gain. A good meal before you take your ride will not only provide you energy but also help you stay fit and healthy. If you will exercise without giving enough fuel to the body it might affect your body adversely.

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2. Dress Appropriately 

Most of us are under the impression that sweat releases fat hence we tend to dress up more than required in order to perspire more. But it is not advisable to lose weight through dehydration. In fact, your body should be hydrated at all times and you must consume liquids to keep the body energized for the long ride ahead which is the key to burning calories. Get yourself good quality cycling gear like shorts, vests and caps. Make sure you also protect yourself from injuries by investing in a hardy helmets and gloves. Make sure you cycle away from heavy traffic and if you cycle in the evenings – buy a set of ‘glow-at-night’ or hi-visibility vests.


3. Eat More Often On the Cycle

While exercising for long we tend to ignore the starvation. We kill our hunger drive and continue with our exercising regime. However, it is proven that eating while on the cycle doesn’t act as an obstacle especially when the rides are long. This enhances performance as it enables our body to work out better. It also prevents the over-eating we indulge in later.

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4. Set Yourself a Goal

When you set a goal in your mind, you feel motivated to achieve your set targets and even do better than them. Before you get on the cycle decide on the time or kilometers and stick to it. Try enrolling yourselves in upcoming cycling competitions, cyclathons or any other kind of cycling event. When you will have something to look forward to, the enthusiasm will help in training yourself better and investing more hard work which will ultimately lead to weight loss. 

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5. Long and Slow Rides or Short and Fast Ride

If you are a beginner in the weight loss journey start with slow paced ride and fit in the idea of staying active. Enjoy the ride without worrying about the intensity of the workout as every ride counts. Prepare your body for extensive weight loss. Gradually increase your speed over a period of time and then incorporate High Intensity Interval Training which involves pedaling really fast for short intervals with easy breaks in between. Experts believe this helps in burning a lot many calories which aids in the weight loss program.
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