11 Buzzing Summer Cocktail Recipes

Sushmita Sengupta  |  Updated: June 12, 2017 11:08 IST

11 Buzzing Summer Cocktail Recipes
  • Summers are here in all its glory
  • Try these amazing summer cocktail recipes to beat the heat
  • Serve Ice chilled and enjoy
Photo Credit: Hemant Mundkur

Summers are here in full fore, and there can hardly be a better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or an evening with your friends and family and good round of drinks at home. This time around, be your own bartender and try these stellar cocktails and impress everyone with your mixing skills. So, clean up your bar table, fill up your ice trays, slice up some fruits, and pick some of your choicest glassware, for we've got for your our best summer cocktail recipes. Ready to beat the heat, are we?  

1.Classic Mojito
 Recipe by Shatbhi Basu

Turn down the temperature with this classic favourite. This easy mix of white rum, sugar syrup, soda with lime and mint will help you beat the heat in style.

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2. Mud Slide
Recipe by Plavaneeta Borah

Is it a drink? Or is it a dessert? Try this refreshing creamy Kahlua based cocktail to know for yourself. 
mud slide

3. Mint Julep
Recipe by Chef Sherin John

Shake up some bourbon with fresh mint & lime and be the star of the party with this summer favourite in hand. 

4.Twisted Whiskey Sour
Recipe by Shatbhi Basu

A delightful combination of bourbon, lime and sugar and a dash of orange juice. Can't go wrong with this one. Recipe by Shatbi Basu

Beat the heat with this power packed vodka cooler. Bursting with flavours of ginger and lime. Stir and garnish with cucumber sticks and fresh mint. 
moscow mule

6. Melon-tastic 
Recipe by Hemant Mundkur

Rum blended with fresh cantaloupes (musk melon) with orange juice. Fruity and indulgent. This one's a must try.

Photo Credit:  Hemant Mundkur,


Glass: Old fashioned

Dark Rum -45 ml

Musk Melon chunks - 4 to 5 

Orange juice 30 ml

Lime juice 10 ml

Sugar syrup 10 ml

1.    Blend all ingredients together with ice
2.    Garnish with Musk Melon and wedge

7. Captain's Tiki Mix
Recipe by Hemant Mundkur

Rum shaken with orange and mango juice with passion fruit syrup. This cooler is all that you have been looking for this summer. 
Photo Credit: Hemant Mundkur


Glass: Martini

45 ml Dark Rum

15 ml Passion fruit syrup

45 ml Pineapple juice

45 ml Mango juice

2 dashes Orange bitters

20 ml Lime juice

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice

8. Indian Summer (Mango Cocktail)
Recipe by Jason Mendonsa

Shake up some chilled vodka with summery ingredients like fresh mangoes, lime juice and mint leaves, and say goodbye to all your summer woes.
indian summer

9. Carribean Passion
Recipe by Harold

Bring in the beach vibe home with this one. Loaded with a sweet and citrusy punch of pineapple juice and lime. We see you crooning already!

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10. Medusa
Recipe by Nitin Tiwari

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Vodka chiller flavoured with fresh cucumber, fennel, coriander and apple juice. Refreshing and delicious.

11. Long Island Ice Tea
Recipe by Shatbhi Basu

CommentsA potent mix of vodka, white rum, gin and tequila, garnished with a hint of mint and orange. Say hello to summers.

Be a party starter with these cool recipes in hand. Shake, mix, swirl, and enjoy.  

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