8 Best Bengali Fish Recipes | Popular Fish Recipes | Easy Fish Recipes

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8 Best Bengali Fish Recipes | Popular Fish Recipes | Easy Fish Recipes
  • Bengali food and its love affair with fish is not surprising
  • Preparing & eating fish has become a part of Bengal's tradition
  • You will find many fragrant curries, crisp snacks & Bengali fish recipes

Fish Recipes- Bengali food and its love affair with fish curries and fish fries is not surprising given the abundant fresh water rivers that criss-cross through the state, providing plenty of supply. Preparing and eating fish delicacies has become a part of Bengal's food tradition and culture. Be it as part of grand festive celebrations and special occasions or simple every day meals, you will always find a fragrant curry, a crisp snack, a wholesome pulao or other Bengali fish recipes. Fish is a staple ingredient in Bengal and is also an important part of many traditional rituals, for instance, during a wedding the groom's family has to gift fish to the bride's family which is considered to be a symbol of good luck and well-being.

If you are looking to explore some Bengali fish recipes, here's our best lot. 

Comments1. Fish Kabiraji

These fried fish fillets make for a popular tea time snack in Bengal. Fish pieces are marinated in spices and then wrapped in gram flour and breadcrumbs before being deep fried. 

bengali fishA popular Bengali snack. 

2. Bengali Doi Machch

A slightly sour fish curry recipe with a yogurt-based gravy. The tender chunks of fish are marinated in subtle spices that add to the flavour. This curry is perfect for a luncheon. 

bengali fishFish cooked in a yogurt-based gravy. 

Sorsebata Ilish Mach

This is one of Bengal's favourite fish recipes. Delicate Hilsa fish is curried in pungent flavours of mustard and poppy seed. 
bengali fishHilsa is known as the queen of fish in Bengal.  

4. Fish Biryani

This aromatic fish biryani with lots of spices like turmeric, saffron cinnamon and cloves along with yogurt and sweet browned onions makes for a complete and wholesome meal. 
bengali fishAn aromatic biryani full of spices.

5. Machcher Jhol

One of the most common Bengali fish recipes, which is a staple in almost every household, is the Machcher Jhol. This is a simple fish curry made in mustard oil 

6. Fish Kalia

You'll find this royal fish curry at most Bengali weddings. It is made with a special kind of fish variety called the Rui or Rohu fish. It is a fragrant and rich fish curry. 

7. Fish Pulao

Unlike the robust fish biryani, this Bengali fish recipe is light and creamy and is perfect to carry in your lunchbox. 
fish pulaoA creamy fish pulao for your lunchbox.

8. Daab Chingri

An exquisite Bengali curry. Daab Chingri has shrimps mixed with heart-warming masalas and cooked wrapped in tender coconut. This recipe is a must have on your next party menu!
daab chingri
This aromatic delicacy will get you hooked forever.

Try these popular famous Bengali fish recipes at home and impress your friends and family. 
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