Fish Recipes

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  • Bihari Fish Curry

    A typical way of cooking fish in Bihar or by the Bihari community is what makes Bihari Fish Curry different.The secret of this spicy curry is the typical masala. The masala is made from Coriander, ...

  • Fish Fry

    This makes a great appetizer or a side to a meal. Fish simmered and marinated in an awesome spicy masala and cooked to perfection. It is simple, easy and a lip smacking fish recipe, perfect ...

  • Beer Batter Fish Fingers

    Marinated in beer these boozy fish fingers are a delight for light and crisp snacking.

  • Malabar Fish Biryani

    This classic Malabar Fish Biryani can be devoured at all times. Enjoy the delicious taste of this ever-charming dish.

  • Baked Nut Crusted Halibut

    Halibut is a firm white fish that is delicious when baked. Wrap the fish with chopped almonds and hazelnuts and bake this golden. Finish the dish, by drizzling some a zingy orange-ginger sauce. Well that's ...

  • Chilli Garlic Fish

    A great appetizer which blends the aroma of Indian spices along with sesame seeds and the delicate flavour of Basa.

  • Sesame and Coriander Crusted Basa

    Marinated in a mix of spices and then grilled golden, this juicy fish fillet is perfect for a rainy day.

  • Grilled Fish South-East Asian Dressing

    Relish melt-in-your-mouth fish fillets flavoured and grilled with fish sauce and sesame oil. This sumptuous platter is enjoyed best with a sweet and tangy dressing, topped with fresh red chillies and coriander.

  • Ambedi Mahi Tikka

    Dig into brilliant, succulent chunks of sole fish! Smeared with masalas and cooked to perfection in a traditional Indian tandoor, these should crown the list of your quick bites.

  • Zucchini Wrapped Sole

    A healthy and soulful combination of zucchini, sole, fresh herbs with the kick of garlic and mustard.

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