This "May" Be The Most Delicious Month of All

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    What's better than eating fresh seasonal food? Here's our pick of the summer's produce in vibrant salads, fruity desserts and light weeknight meals. Think: Watermelon, cucumber, mango, cherries, et al. Your taste buds are in for a treat, we promise.

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    Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls

    Easy-to-follow and nothing short of spectacular, these Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls will surely be one of the best things you eat this May. Spruce it up with a chilli and peanut sauce before serving.

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    Fresh Fruit Pavlova

    A crisp meringue topped off with a splash of rum, cream and fresh seasonal fruits. Tried and tested, this is one of my favourite ways to cool down during the summer months.

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    Mango Mousse

    Nothing screams summer quite like mangoes. Whip up this to-die-for eggless mousse for your next party and get ready to bask in the glory.

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    Cucumber Sushi

    ThreeSixtyDegrees, The Oberoi's Head Chef Augusto reveals their simply scrumptious Cucumber Sushi (Kapa Maki) recipe. Did we mention that it's downright divine?

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    Coconut and Watermelon Ice Cream

    This summer, indulge in an exotic sorbet made with rich flavors of watermelon and coconut, topped with a peppery papaya sauce with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

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    Cherry Cheesecake

    Warning: This cheesecake is so divine, you definitely won't stop at one slice. Smooth and creamy, with the sweetness of cherries - this cheesecake is sure to delight your senses.

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    Pineapple Raita

    Once you try this tangy and refreshing raita, you're sure to add it to your recipe repertoire. Garnish with cumin powder, red pepper, coriander leaves, and serve chilled.

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    Watermelon Salad

    Jumping on the calorie-conscious bandwagon this summer? Presenting: A guilt-free watermelon salad with crumbled feta cheese and a handful of mint leaves.

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    Basil Chicken Cups

    It's true, you can now savour Mamagoto's delicious lettuce wraps in the comfort of your home this summer.