Bell Peppers

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  • bell peppers stuffed with barley hindi

    भुनी शिमला मिर्च, जिसके अंदर आप बार्ले, चेरी टमाटर, मटर, लीक और सेलरी स्टफ करके बेक कर सकते हैं।

  • Capsicum Masala

    The perfect blend of roasted peanut and sesame seeds with sweet bell peppers makes for a delicious combination.

  • Bell Pepper and Bean Dip

    An innovative dip made with grilled bell peppers, garbanzo beans, chillies and garlic. Serve with freshly cut vegetables, pita bread or crackers.

  • Chicken Stuffed Peppers

    Bell peppers stuffed with a tangy chicken keema mixture. Topped with cheese and microwaved. Don't have a microwave? Not to worry, use a pressure cooker.

  • Sauteed Bell Peppers

    Red and yellow bell peppers sauteed with onions and garlic, mingled in a light sauce.

  • Bell Peppers Stuffed with Barley

    Roasted bell peppers stuffed with a zesty mixture of barley, cherry tomatoes, peas, leeks, celery, baked and served.

  • Braised Red Cabbage with Bell Peppers and Green Apples

    Red, yellow bell peppers, cabbage, green, red apples and onions are marinated with brown sugar and red wine vinegar. Full of color and flavor!

  • Marinated Stuffed Peppers

    Bell peppers, tomatoes and aubergine, stuffed with herbs and added zests.

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  • A Stew of Peppers Dresses Up Brown Rice

    In summer and early fall, when local sweet peppers are truly sweet and have great depth of flavor, theres nothing I like better than a comforting stew of peppers.

  • The Virtues of Green Bell Peppers

    Most cooks I know despise green bell peppers. They deride them as bitter, virtually inedible versions of their older, sweeter red or yellow or orange selves. In fact, an article in this very space some ...

  • Mint Chutney Spices Up Kids' 'State Dinner' at White House

    Healthy lunch recipes like "Kickin, Colourful, Bell Peppers" and "Lentil Spinach Soup and Mint Chutney" won five Indian-American kids invitations to kids' "state dinner" at the White House that President Barack Obama crashed."Usually, at a ...

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