Chicken Tikka

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  • chicken tikka masala hindi

    गाढ़ी ग्रेवी में तैयार करें स्वादिष्ट क्रीमी चिकन रेसिपी। वह भी मसालों और स्वाद से भरी! नॉनवेज खाने वालों को यह डिश बेहद पसंद आएगी। आप चाहे घर पर होने वाली डिनर पार्टी के दौरान ...

  • Murgh Khyber

    This recipe is all about getting the marination right. A mix of chillies, masalas, ginger-garlic paste and hung curd infused in tender chicken tikkas that are roasted golden on the grill.

  • Chicken Tikka Croquette With Mint Mayo (My Yellow Table)

    Juicy, boneless chicken pieces are marinated, rolled in a mix of masalas, wrapped in bread crumbs and deep fried to perfection.

  • murg highway tikka

    spicy boneless morsels of chicken with red chilli flakes.

  • Kasundi Murgh Tikka

    A popular ingredient in Bengali cuisine, Kasundi mustard adds a tinge of tanginess to this dish.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    A yummy creamy chicken recipe with a thick gravy. Full of flavor and masalas.

  • Chicken and Milk Stew

    Lightly seasoned chicken cooked with milk, garlic, herbs and a hint of lemon. Served with hot and crispy garlic bread.

  • Chicken in Tomato Gravy

    Marinated chicken thighs cooked in tomato, cream, kasoori methi and melon seed paste. Very aromatic.

  • Chicken Do Pyaaza

    Chicken cooked in a variety of spices, yogurt and kasoori methi.

  • Murgh Malaiwala

    A delicious chicken recipe made with no oil or ghee. Chicken drumsticks marinated with ginger-garlic and cooked in milk, cream, chillies, saffron and a rose petal garam masala.

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