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  • Tricolor Trifle

    Goodness of fruits, cream and custard all together makes for the delicious taste of this Tricolor trifle. With goodness of fruits and creamy custard, this is liked by people of all ages making it a ...

  • Custard Apple Kheer

    Deliciously smooth and creamy, this custard apple kheer is one of the most comforting desserts.

  • Bajra Tartlets With Fruit Custard

    These pretty little tartlets come with the goodness of bajra. You can fill them up with any creamy delight of your choice, such as cream cheese. Top them up with fruits and serve them as ...

  • Custard Apple Kalakand

    This melt-in-the-mouth Indian dessert is commonly found in North India and is the perfect balance of soft and crunchy.

  • Sharife ki Kheer

    Aditya Bal cooks a thick creamy kheer made with rice, custard apple and loads of nuts in Maheshwar.

  • Summer Fruits with Homemade Custard

    Thick and creamy custard with the light flavor of vanilla. Served in a martini glass with chopped fruits of your choice.

  • Fruit Custard

    The good old custard made with eggs, sugar, milk, cardamom and a hint of vanilla.

  • Lagan Nu Custard

    'Lagan-Nu-Custard' is a Parsi dessert prepared during weddings. The name itself means 'wedding custard'. Made with simple everyday ingredients like milk, eggs, butter and nuts.

  • Caramel Custard in a Pressure Cooker

    Here's an easy caramel custard recipe with a twist. This one's made in a pressure cooker.

  • Coconut Custard with Jamun Sauce

    A smooth coconut custard with a beautiful looking jamun sauce. The jamun sauce has mild flavors of cardamom and rose water.

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  • 10 Best Custard Recipes

    Summer is definitely the best time to make custard and surprise the little ones at home. To get you started, here are our 10 best custard recipes.

  • 5 Surprising Benefits of Custard Apple Leaves

    While the custard apple has countless health benefits like being rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium and potassium, its leaves are equally nutritious. They are prized for their health benefits especially in Ayurveda.

  • Baked Custard Recipes to Prevent Curdling Calamities

    Worried about making custard? Then take your milk, cream and eggs off the hob and bake steadily in the oven instead. Try it on this creme caramel and creme brulee and get cracking!

  • Why Saffron is Good for You

    Saffron has long been used in traditional healing and research suggests it could become part of mainstream medicine's weaponrydship day? No spice is more special than saffron. Its scent is haunting, its unmistakable flavour earthy ...

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  • Breakfast Pie Fit for a Man

    There is quiche Lorraine, and then there is bacon-and-egg pie. Despite the obvious similarities in ingredients (eggs, bacon, pastry crust), the two are not at all the same.Quiche Lorraine is open-faced and creamy, involving a ...

  • How to make the perfect apple pie

    Puff or shortcrust, cooking apples or dessert, cream or custard - and can plain old apple pie compete with tarte tatin and strudel?When something is described as "as American as apple pie", it simply means ...

  • 10 of the Best Restaurants and Cafes in Lisbon

    As Lisbon's biggest market is transformed into a gourmet food hall, we take a look at the best places to eat in Portugal's capital, a city renowned for its seafood - and custard tartsTime Out ...

  • The Art of Tarts: Recipes to Make the Most of Your Fruits

    Ruby pairs peach with pepper for a sweet, spicy bake, then strawberries are piled high atop vanilla custard and sprinkled with pine nuts.