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  • Shrimps Stuffed Pomfret

    Shrimps Stuffed Pomfret Recipe: A symphony of flavours with tender balance and combination of local spices, making the shrimps and pomfret succulent melt-in-your-mouth, this shrimp stuffed pomfret is a treat to your taste buds!

  • Jhinga Achaar

    Fresh and juicy shrimps pickled in malt vinegar and a host of spices.

  • Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls

    About Vietnamese Cold Spring Rolls Recipe: Stuffed with loads of vegetables and shrimps these cold spring rolls are best served with a chilly sauce and peanuts dip. Serve it as snacks at a dinner party ...

  • Balachung (Shredded Dried Shrimp Condiment)

    Shredded shrimp cooked with onions, garlic and paprika.

  • Fruit Crumbler

    A mouth watering dessert with fruits cooked in sugar syrup, layered with a flour-butter mixture and baked. Served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Massaman Curry (Thai Muslim Curry)

    Chicken cooked in coconut flavors, tamarind, potatoes and an aromatic massaman curry paste.

  • Shrimps With Parsley and Lemon

    Shrimps cooked in oriental flavors. Seasoned with parsley and lemon.

  • Shrimp Patia (Curried Shrimps)

    A delicate and fiery Parsi curry that adds a funky twist to your usual dinner.

  • Rock Shrimp Tempura

    Prawns dipped in batter and fried deep golden. Tossed with creamy spicy sauce and topped with spring onions.

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