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  • Oats Idli

    This nutritious Oats Idli is an easy and light dish to prepare. A perfect breakfast food, this idli has suji replaced with healthy oats which is best for those who are health conscious. A great ...

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  • 11 Tasty Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

    Tasty Recipes To Try At Home: From breakfast to dinner and even desserts, we have curated the best of tasty recipes to try at home and relish with family and friends. From upma, pancakes to ...

  • Food Advertisements May Work on Children's Brains

    Children make quicker decisions to eat "tasty" food and reward centers in their brains light up after watching food commercials on television compared to nonfood commercials, a small study finds

  • Tasty Foods May Not Lead to Weight Gain: Study

    Despite the common perception that good-tasting foods such as chocolate chip cookies, potato chips and sweetened condensed milk is unhealthy and causes obesity, a new study suggests that desirable taste itself may not lead to ...

  • Can?t Resist Or Stop Eating Tasty Food? This Could Be The Reason Why

    Binge eating has been largely linked with impulsive behaviour, which is mostly attributed to hunger or food preference or taste of the particular food. A team of scientists discovered that a particular circuit in the ...

  • How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries with these easy-peasy steps. If covering strawberries with regular chocolate is not enough for you and want to show your artistic flair, just decorate them with some other ...

  • Yucca Flower Gratin: A Prettier Artichoke Flavour

    With its widely recognisable dagger-sharp leaves, the yucca plant offers a particularly tasty food in its flower petals. This easy-to-make recipe from the Yucca flowers will keep you indulged.

  • Eat Only When You Are Hungry: Experts

    People often eat not on account of hunger but because tasty food is available.Well you better calm down your taste buds to not harm your health.

  • Smoking Ruins Your Taste Buds: New Study

    Here is another reason why you should not smoke, especially if you are fond of coffee and tasty food, as smoking harms taste buds, a new research has confirmed so. Smokers do not enjoy their ...

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