Keto Diet For Weight Loss: Try This Keto-Friendly Poha For A Healthy Breakfast 

As Keto diet is gaining popularity around the world, the demand for more variety of 'Keto-friendly' foods is also rising.

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: January 30, 2020 22:30 IST

Keto Diet For Weight Loss: Try This Keto-Friendly Poha For A Healthy Breakfast 

Weight Loss Tips: Keto poha recipe is for those who want a high-fat breakfast

  • Ketogenic diet has been the much-talked-about diet trend
  • The diet is high in fats, moderate in proteins and low in carbs
  • Here's how you can make keto-friendly poha at home

Ketogenic diet (or Keto Diet) is one of the most popular weight loss diets that has been talk of the town since past few years. People following keto diet only focus on consuming foods that are rich in fat and are low on carbs. This low-carb, high-fat diet claims to have various health benefits like reduced hunger pangs, better weight management, better control over blood sugar levels, improved brain function, among others. As per health experts and nutritionists, keto diet makes the body use fats obtained from food as the primary fuel, instead of carbohydrates. Therefore, following a ketogenic diet is not easy; in other words, making such a sudden shift from carbohydrates to fats completely can be difficult. However, a large number of people, who have started to follow this extremely low-carb diet, are claiming it to be an effective weight loss diet. As the diet grows in popularity around the world, the demand for more and more keto-friendly foods is also growing. 

Poha is a staple Indian breakfast, which many of us love to have every day as a part of our healthy breakfast meal. Poha is made from flattened and dehydrated rice, which people on keto diet tend to miss a lot. But did you know that poha can also be added to your keto diet?! Yes, that's true. This keto-friendly poha recipe shared by Sahil Makhija on his YouTube channel 'Headbanger's Kitchen' is made of cauliflower instead of rice and it looks perfect! Surprised? Well, cauliflower is one of the most under-appreciated vegetable out there and is particularly good for those on a low-carb diet, like the ketogenic diet. Let's watch the video and see it ourselves.


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Ketogenic Diet: Keto-Friendly Poha Recipe For A Healthy Breakfast 

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