10 Best Easy Breakfast Recipes

   |  Updated: August 14, 2018 15:58 IST

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10 Best Easy Breakfast Recipes
  • Scrambled egg with chicken sausages is an easy breakfast meal
  • A street snack from Mumbai, Bombay toasty is also great for breakfast
  • Sandwiches are the easiest things to make for breakfast

Mornings are usually stressful hours of the day. You wake up, finish some chores, get ready quickly and rush for work or are busy packing your kids off to school. In the midst of all the madness, our breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, often gets neglected or perhaps skipped all-together. We're trying to make sure that you never miss breakfast again. Here are our 10 best easy breakfast recipes for busy mornings. They are healthy, delicious and will keep you full until lunch.

1. Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Sausages

This power packed high-protein breakfast is just what you need to kick-start your day. It is also really easy and quick to put together. 

scrambled egg

A high-protein breakfast meal.

2. Rawa Upma

This favourite breakfast staple from South India is super easy to make and perfect for a wholesome morning meal. Throw in some veggies like peas, carrots and beans to make it more nutritious. 


A great breakfast staple from South India.

3. Masala Cheese French Toast

One of the easiest and most delicious breakfast recipes, this cheesy French toast can be ready in minutes and does not require too much effort.

french toast

A perfect combination of spice and cheese. 

4. Bombay Toasty

This famous street snack from Mumbai makes for a great breakfast. Layers of tomatoes, onion, mashed potatoes slathered with fresh coriander chutney are neatly placed between toasted bread slices.


This famous street snack from Mumbai is great for breakfast.

5. Masala Chicken on Toast

This is a great easy breakfast recipe to use if you have some leftover chicken. Saute some chicken chunks with masalas and juicy tomatoes and serve it on to toasted bread. 

masala chicken on toast

An easy breakfast recipe to use leftover chicken

6. Banana and Almond Porridge

If you think you just have no time to prepare a dish, go for this easy breakfast recipe that uses oats, chia seeds, bananas, milk, dates and nuts. A perfect one pot breakfast meal. 


A perfect one pot breakfast meal. 

7. Peas and Potato Sandwich

This zingy sandwich with peas, potatoes, green chillies and tangy kaffir lime is super easy to put together.

sandwichSandwiches are the easiest things to make for breakfast.

8. Quinoa Lentil Salad

Not in the mood of the usual fare? Try this interesting salad for breakfast with quinoa, carrots, cauliflower, lentils, pomegranate and mosambi juice. An all-in-one breakfast meal.


An all-in-one breakfast meal.

9. Masala Omlette

An omlette is perhaps one of the easiest things to make, especially when you are running short on time. You can experiment with it  too by adding some chicken to it to make it more wholesome.


An omelette is perhaps one of the easiest things to make.

10. Besan ka Cheela

A favourite in most North Indian homes, besan ka cheela needs very few ingredients, is super easy to make and will be ready in minutes. It's a great recipe for busy mornings. 


A simple recipe that needs very few ingredients. 

CommentsSo, the next time you're in a hurry, turn to these easy breakfast recipes and make sure you get your fill before you head out. 

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