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'Indian' - 1000 Recipe Result(s)

  • Rava Dosa

    A South Indian breakfast classic! Paper thin dosas made with semolina or sooji.

  • Ragi Wheat Dosa

    A low fat South Indian dish which goes best with the coconut chutney. Relish this easy to make meal for breakfast.

  • Til ki Barfee

    A quick Indian sweet made with sesame seeds, khoya and sugar.

  • Wild Berries and Lavender Kheer

    The traditional Indian kheer gets a twist of berries and the aroma of lavender flowers. Take a bite and feel the bliss!

  • Malabari Parotta

    Crisp thin parantha served hot with melted ghee, usually served with South Indian gravy dishes.

  • Aatukkari Kuzhambu with Steamed Rice

    South Indian lamb curry with coconut milk, tamarind and curry leaf tempering.

  • Balushahi

    Balushahi is an traditional North Indian flaky dessert made with maida and deep fried in ghee.

  • Cheese Chilli Dosa

    South Indian dosa with a twist. This one's made with a cheese and chilly flakes filling.

  • Chiraunji Makhane ki Kheer

    Chiraunji kheer topped with caramelized bananas, almonds, fried makhana and chikki. A lovely Indian dessert perfect for a lavish dinner party.

  • Era Veruval

    South Indian style prawns fry.

'Indian' - 447 Article Result(s)

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    The smell of crisp vadas, the sound of spluttering mustard seeds, the taste of hot piping sambar made with fresh and pulpy tamarind - South Indian food makes us go weak at the knees.