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  • Kerala Roast Chicken

    This Kerala roast chicken is downright delicious. Chicken chunks are marinated in spices and fried golden with onions, curry leaves and green chillies.

  • Fish Mappas

    Fish Mappas is a Kerala style curry where fish is cooked in creamy coconut milk and served with appams.

  • Kalan Kerala Curry

    Kalan is a traditional Kerala dish made during Onam Sadhya. It is a curry dish prepared using buttermilk, mustard seeds, coconut and raw bananas.

  • Kerala Fish Curry

    Explore the exclusive taste of Malabari spices seeped into juicy fish pieces. Kerala fish curry with special additions of tamarind extract and curry leaves.

  • Maanga Pulisserry

    Maanga Pulisserry is one of the Kerala gravy recipes made with tangy mangoes and a spicy tadka of chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

  • Ulli Theeyal

    Ulli Theeyal is a Kerala delicacy made with shallots or tiny onions cooked in a roasted coconut gravy.

  • Avial with Kerala Red Rice

    Avial is a traditional south Indian dish from Kerala. A thick mixture of vegetables like drumsticks, potatoes and carrots are cooked in coconut oil and mustard seeds. Served with red rice.

  • Kerala Fried Prawns

    Prawn fry is considered to be the signature dish of Kerala. Fresh prawns fried crisp in coconut oil, with the aroma of mustard seeds, curry leaves, turmeric and chillies.

  • Chicken Ularthiyathu

    Vicky Ratnani cooks chicken drumsticks, Kerala style, with a masala rich base. Served with some lime rice.

  • Fish Moilee

    Savor the authentic taste of Kerala style Fish Molly cooked in with thick coconut milk.

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  • Why People Eat With Their Hands in Kerala

    You may have often wondered why people eat with their hands in Kerala. Eating food with your hands feeds not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. That is the Vedic wisdom ...

  • Kerala to Introduce 'Fat Tax': 14.5% to be Levied on Fast Food Chains like McDonald's

    The Kerala government plans to impose additional tax on ready-to-eat chapatis by introducing 5% tax on packaged wheat products

  • Thin And Healthy Kerala Banana Chips To Woo Western Consumers

    European and American food lovers will soon be treated to the popular Kerala banana chips snack launched by the Manjilas Group. Contrary to the available version of the same banana snacks this newly launched ones ...

  • Kerala to Probe Reports of 'Artificial' Chinese Eggs

    With "artificial" Chinese eggs reportedly making their way into certain parts of Kerala, state Health Minister K.K. Shylaja on Wednesday said a probe would be launched to find out the truth.

  • With Kerala, Tamil Nadu on Board, Food Act Gets Pan-India Coverage

    The Centre on Thursday said that the entire country has now come under the National Food Security Act sway as Kerala and Tamil Nadu too have come on board.

  • 10 Local Dishes in Kerala That You Must Try

    From the rich culinary traditions of the Malabari Muslims to the vegetarian Hindu wedding fare and seafood mainstays, Kerala cuisine is vast and delicious. Here are the dishes you must try.

  • Kerala Prepares for Onam Festivities

    It's that time of the year when people across Kerala step into Onam festivities. Onam is probably the only festival in Kerala which is celebrated cutting across caste, creed or religion. Historically, it has been ...

  • Kerala Gets Ready for Onam

    Onam, Kerala's famous harvest festival, will be celebrated this year from August 26.Until August 31, when the festival ends, Keralites will push concerns over the deficient monsoon to the background and celebrate the annual visit ...

  • Kerala Readies for a 'Pricey' Onam

    If there is one event that unites every Kerala household in a festivity it is the Onam harvest festival and if there's any dampener, it's the skyrocketing prices of essential items.This time, the Onam festival ...

  • The Latest Street Food Craze in Kerala

    Kerala is known for its fried fish, lovely stews and soothing backdrops. But, recent years have seen a shift in the culinary scenario with street food coming up a major attraction. Gone are the days ...