Side Dish

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  • Mango-coconut chutney

    A nice and tangy side dish that can be relished with rice.

  • Palita

    Palita is a simple yet impressive side dish. Brinjal slices coated with a masaledar mix and shallow fried.

  • Zunka Bhakri

    A traditional Maharashtrian dish, Zunka Bhakri has a chickpea flour base and a tempering of fried onions, mustard seeds, ginger-garlic. This side dish is eaten with jowar or bajra rotis.

  • Chorchori

    The Chakh Le Academy's got some exotica on the gas as Aditya Bal cooks up a vegetarian Bengali delicacy that goes well as a side dish with any meal. Chorchori is a combination of fresh ...

  • Plum and Green Apple Yogurt

    A tangy side dish to go with Falafels. Yogurt whisked with green apples, plums, pomegranate seeds and orange juice.

  • Fig Compote

    Figs poached in delicate syrup of sugar and orange juice, and spiked with cinnamon and rum. The perfect sauce for desserts!

  • Ragi Mudde

    Ragi flour balls served with sambar.

  • Champinones al ajillo (Garlic mushrooms)

    A popular Spanish Tapas dish, these mushrooms are perfect with a chilled beer.

  • Corn Stuffed Capsicums

    Capsicums stuffed with a masaledar corn mixture, topped with cheese and baked. Now that's a clever side dish.

  • Khoya Matar

    Green peas cooked with khoya, tomatoes and spices. A delicately creamy side dish.

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