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  • Make Your Weekend Indulgent! 5 Unique Mutton Curries You've Got To Try

    Find below a list of unique mutton curries that will transform your weekend from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Give Your Regular Dal A Flavourful Makeover With Kerala-Style Coconut Dal Recipe

    Coconut dal recipe: Parippu curry is masoor dal, with a layer of coconut paste in it - making the recipe rich, flavourful, and thicker than usual.

  • How Long Do Your 5 Favourite Condiments Last?

    Condiments, whether pickle or sauce, have a long shelf life. But they only taste their best when they are fresh and stored in a cool, dry place.

  • 7 New Restaurants In Mumbai To Visit In March 2024

    Mumbai Restaurants: We list some of the hottest new openings in the city you need to check out this month.

  • This "Game Changer" 10-Min Microwave Dessert Recipe Has More Than 21 Million Views

    A viral video shows a special home-style recipe for making flan in a microwave in around 10 minutes. It has received a lot of interest online.

  • 6 Things You Must Know Before Trying A Detox Diet (#2 Is A Common Mistake)

    A detox diet can be healthy only if followed correctly. Read on to learn about common mistakes to avoid and how to detox the right way.

  • Viral Indian "Home On Wheels" Includes Elaborate Kitchen With All Utensils And Groceries

    The couple has modified their car in such a way that the back of their vehicle carries a full-fledged Indian kitchen.

  • When Is Ramadan 2024? Uncover Significance And Scrumptious Iftar Recipes Here

    Ramadan 2024: Through fasting, prayer, and sharing meals with loved ones, believers honour the traditions of the festival.

  • Your Hair Loss Could Be Because Of These 5 Dietary Habits You Didn't Know About

    Hair loss is a common issue people of all ages face. While genetics do play a role, these 5 dietary habits could also contribute to hair loss.

  • Ahead Of America Tour, Diljit Dosanjh Celebrates By Cooking THIS Indian Sweet Dish

    Diljit Dosanjh is again flaunting his culinary skills in the now-viral clip. What's he cooking? Watch the video inside.

  • Transform Korean Cauliflower Wings To Healthy Delight! Check Out This Zero-Oil Air Fryer Recipe

    Air Fryer Recipes: These healthy Korean cauliflower wings guarantee a similar texture and flavour profile as the regular version.

  • Watch: Padma Lakshmi Whips Up A Mouthwatering Sandwich Using Leftovers In Seconds

    Padma Lakshmi's leftover lunch sandwich hack will change your meal prep game.

  • What Makes Dosa Taste Better? Here Are 5 Spicy Chutneys To Pair With Dosa

    Chutneys offer bold and tangy flavours that complement the mild taste of dosas perfectly!

  • Indian Recipes That Make Up A Low Cholesterol Diet - Nutritionist Approved

    Here are 5 nutritionist-approved Indian recipes that can help in cholesterol management.

  • Why Banana Should Be A Part Of Your Pregnancy Diet? Expert Explains

    Have you been wondering if bananas can be a part of your pregnancy diet? Well, it can be! We got you an expert-recommended list of reasons to include it in your diet.

  • International Women's Day 2024: 9 Anti-Ageing Foods Every Woman Deserves For Timeless Beauty

    This International Women's Day 2024, treat yourself to the nourishment you deserve. Age may be just a number, but the glow of vibrant health is timeless.

  • "Makhanauts" - Amul Shares Topical For Astronauts Of Gaganyaan Mission

    Gaganyaan Mission: Popular dairy brand Amul has shared a creative illustration of the four astronauts selected for this prestigious project.

  • Viral Video: Barista Trainer Makes Non-Veg Bolognese Coffee; Internet Calls It "Abomination"

    In this viral video, a Coffee consultant has created an unconventional Bolognese coffee with all the classic Bolognese ingredients.

  • 4 Easy-To-Follow Tips To Increase Your Fibre Intake For Weight Loss And Good Digestion

    Fibre is important for our body to maintain a healthy digestive system and also shed off those extra kilos!

  • Mango Is Back! Explore 5 Different Styles To Cut A Mango (Option 4 Is Too Pretty To Miss)

    A true mango lover has no patience to even cut the fruit. However, you can make your mango-eating experience more fun by trying these 5 chopping and slicing styles.

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