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  • 5 Surprising Ways To Use Leftover Beer

    Leftover beer is often poured down the drain but can be put to good use in and around the house. Read on to learn how you can make the most of leftover ...

  • 5 Tips To Ensure Your Homemade Curd Rice Is A Hit

    Curd Rice Recipe: Do you struggle to make curd rice at home? Not anymore! With these easy tips, you'll be able to ace the recipe every single time.

  • Monsoon Special: This Easy Recipe Of Schezwan Crispy Corn Will Amp Up Your Rainy Evenings Like No Other

    If you are a fan of crispy corn, this schezwan crispy corn recipe will surely make your rainy-day indulgence guilt-free!

  • What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Personality

    Let's spill some beans on your personality type, based on your most frequently ordered type of coffee.

  • Now Enjoy Tiramisu With A Healthy Twist! Try This Guilt-Free Recipe Today

    Tiramisu Recipe: Love tiramisu but worried about calories? Indulge guilt-free with this healthy version!

  • Restaurants That Made India Proud At Dubai Michelin Guide 2024 Ceremony

    Michelin-starred restaurants not only elevate Dubai's gastronomic reputation but also offer diners the opportunity to experience world-class cuisine right on their doorstep.

  • Mouni Roy Enjoys Her Favourite Sri Lankan Dish In London

    In the photo, we can spot two trays of Kiribath and a bowl full of what looks like the famous Sri Lankan condiment, coconut sambal

  • Struggling With Hair Fall In Monsoon? Here Are 5 Tips That Really Work

    Due to increased humidity, hair fall during monsoon is a common problem. However, with these expert tips, you can maintain healthy and strong hair even on the rainiest of days.

  • Paris 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games Will Serve Over 13 Million Meals "Of All Types Of Cuisine": See Details

    Take a look at the incredible amount of food and planning going behind the scenes to serve 15,000 Athletes at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • Viral Video Shows Pink Tandoori Chicken, Internet Calls It "Barbie-q Chicken"

    Viral video of pink tandoori chicken has left the internet divided. What do you think?

  • Bhagyashree's "Weekend Began Early" As She Indulged In Pizza On A Dinner Date

    Bhagyashree recently went on a dinner date with her husband, Himalaya Dasani, and ditched her healthy platter for the special night.

  • Vicky Kaushal Enjoyed A Regal Rajasthani Thali In Jaipur - See Pic

    Vicky Kaushal was recently in Jaipur for film promotions. He shared a photo of a lavish Rajasthani thali he relished in the capital city.

  • Red, Yellow, Or Green - Which Bell Pepper Is The Healthiest? Nutritionist Reveals

    Did you know that the color of bell peppers can indicate their nutritional value? Read on to find out which one is the healthiest of them all.

  • World Kebab Day: 6 Mouth-Watering Types Of Kebabs From Around The World

    This World Kebab Day, on July 12, 2024, do not miss out on indulging in rich kebab varieties from around the world.

  • Potatoes For Weight Loss? Nutritionist Reveals How to Eat Them and Still Lose Weight

    Weight Loss Diet: Potatoes are often excluded from diets when we are trying to lose weight. However, they can benefit your health if consumed correctly and in control.

  • Chickpea Bread Or Dhokla? Italian Vlogger's Recipe Sparks Debate Online

    A food vlogger from Italy just made a bread out of chickpeas, but the Internet is comparing it to dhokla - the traditional Gujarati dish.

  • Chennai Man Flags Unavailability Of Specific Idli-Dosa Batter Brand On Blinkit, Company Obliges

    A person took to X to complain that Blinkit does not sell what he considers Chennai's "most popular idli and dosa batter brand". It was later added to the app.

  • UK Chef Makes Maharashtrian-Inspired Meal Spread, Desis Can't Keep Calm

    Maharashtrian Dishes: A recent viral video shows a UK chef making mouth-watering Maharashtrian delicacies. Check it out below;

  • 12 Comfort Foods for Every Season You Need to Try

    Explore global comfort foods from light summer salads to hearty winter stews, perfect for every season's craving.

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