6 Features of Jangiri that Make it Different from Jalebi

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: October 09, 2017 17:36 IST

6 Features of Jangiri that Make it Different from Jalebi
  • Jangiri is a sugar coated funnel-like sweet, similar to jalebi
  • Jangiri is also known as Imarti in Hindi
  • This delectable Indian sweet have always been a part of our festivities
Shaped like flower, fried hot and dipped into sweet syrup, Jangiri or Imarti has made its way right into our hearts and how. This delectable Indian sweet has always been a part of all our festivities. But don't confuse Jangiri with Jalebi as these two are different from each other and have a completely distinct identity. Let us help you distinguish between the two of our most loved sweets. 

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What is Jangiri?


Jangiri is a sugar coated funnel-like sweet. Jangiri is also known as Imarti in Hindi. It has alternative names including Amriti, Omriti, Jahangir and Emarti. This difference in the names is due to its existence in different regions of India. This sugary, fried delight originated in Northern India during the Mughal era. However, the name Jangiri or Jangri was given by people in Kerala. Jangiri or imarti is often confused with Jalebi majorly because they both are look alike. Both are equally popular and make a super combination with rabriHowever, there are a few things that make them completely different from each other.


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How is Jangiri Different from Jalebi?

1. Difference in Origin

Interestingly, both have the same looks, but they seem to have originated differently. Jalebis are believed to have originated in Persia, while Jangiri is believed to have originated in Northern India.

2. Prepared with Different Flours

Surprised? Yes, no matter how similar they may look, they are made with different flours. Jalebi is made with maida (all-purpose flour) while Jangiri is made with ground urad dal.

3. Fermentation Process

The Jalebi batter is generally fermented with yogurt overnight to make it tastier, although these days, yeast or an antacid is used to ferment it quickly. In case of Jangiri, no fermentation is required. 

4. Difference in Appearance 

At one glance, you may think they are the same. But there is a vast difference in the way they look. Jalebihas chaotic swirls and may differ with every batch you prepare, while Jangiri has a very prominent flower-like shape and there is a particular way of preparing it.

5. Jangiri is Healthier 

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Considering Jalebi is made with maida and Jangiri is made of urad dal, it automatically makes the latter a tad healthier. Although, both are fried in hot oil and then dipped in sugar syrup. 

6. The Crunch


Jalebi is crunchier than Jangiri and its crunchiness may vary with every piece you eat, while Jangiri is a lot more gooey and chewy. 

We are sure that these differences wouldn't matter much when it comes to savoring these lovable sweets. Which one do you like more?


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