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  • kesari-jalebi hindi

    मुंह में रखते ही घुल जाने वाली स्वीट डिश भारत में काफी मशहूर है। सर्दियों के मौसम में खाने के बाद अगर गर्मागर्म जलेबी मिल जाए तो बस मजा ही आ जाता है। तो आइए ...

  • Jalebi with Fennel Yogurt Pudding

    The Jalebi is a traditional sweet dish that is made on every festival, special occasions. Festivals like Diwali are incomplete without the preparation of this sweet dish, it is a hot favourite dessert on any ...

  • Apple Jalebi With Gulab Ice-Cream

    Apples are dipped in sweet batter and deep fried to a golden perfection. Team this sugary delight with the brilliance of rose ice-cream. This one isn't to be missed, take a plunge!

  • Kesari Jalebi

    Jalebi is a melt-in-the-mouth Indian sweet and can best be described as funnel cakes. Create culinary magic in your kitchen with this delectable delicacy.

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