Navratri 2020: 6 Sitaphal (Pumpkin) Recipes For All-Day Navratri Meal

Navratri 2020: Pumpkin (or sitaphal or kaddu) is one of the most commonly-included foods in Navratri festival special meal menu. Make these different dishes for your family.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: October 20, 2020 16:52 IST

Navratri 2020: 6 <i>Sitaphal</i> (Pumpkin) Recipes For All-Day Navratri Meal

Navratri 2020 menu with sitaphal recipes.

  • Sitaphal is one of the most common foods for Navratri fasting.
  • Sitaphal can be used to make a number of Navratri-special meals.
  • Here are some sitaphal recipes you must try.

Navratri 2020: There are only a handful of foods that are allowed to be had during the fasting days of Navratri. To make your fasting worthwhile, you must know how to make different delicious recipes with the same food. Pumpkin (or custard apple or sitaphal or kaddu) is one of those foods that are commonly included in Navratri festival special meal menu. Here we'll help you unfurl the many uses of this vegetable to make different kinds of dishes for your family. Mains, snacks, desserts - everything is covered here!

Navratri 2020-Special Sitaphal Recipes -

1. Kaddu Ki Sabzi

This pumpkin sabzi is perfect for a light, healthy meal during Navratri. Pick the spices as per your choice and make this sabzi for lunch or dinner, and pair with vrat wali poori or roti. Click here for full recipe.

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2. Khatta Meetha Kaddu

Sweet, tangy and spicy - this describes the khaata meetha kaddu sabzi that you'll get with this recipe. Imli (tamarind) is added for its sweet and sour flavour to make this sabzi a delightful affair. Click here for full recipe.


3. Kaddu Ke Pakode

In mood for a soul-warming fried evening snack? Make vrat-special pakoda with grated sitaphal and potatoes, combined with vrat wala singhara atta, and fried to make crispy, yummy pakoda for sham ki chai. Click here for full recipe.

4. Samak Pulao And Sitaphal

Here is a fancy Navratri dish that will surprise your family and make Navratri feast full of fun. This vrat-special pulao is a must-try during Navratri. It is an impressive melange of samak ke chawal and sitaphal, mixed with creamy cashews and spicy green chillies. Click here for full recipe.


5. Pumpkin Halwa

No festival is complete without a hearty dessert menu. This halwa is made by cooking and mashing sitaphal and cooking again along with sugar, raisins, almonds and desiccated coconut. A sweet ending to your sweet Navratri meal! Click here for full recipe.

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6. Almond And Custard Apple Rabri

Another dessert recipe made with sitaphal - this one for something sweet and cold. We all love milky and creamy rabdi. Make this one for Navratri with custard apple and almonds, loaded with cream and sugar. Click here for full recipe.

Navratri-special food doesn't have to be boring. Use sitaphal to make these amazing dishes and turn your Navratri meal menu a hit with your family.
Happy Navratri 2020!


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