Navratri 2020: 3 Delicious Vrat-Friendly Kheer Recipes For Navratri

Kheer is a delicious and dense dessert pudding that makes for the perfect ending for Navratri meals. Here are 3 recipes for you to try!

Sakshita Khosla  |  Updated: October 06, 2020 18:42 IST

Navratri 2020: 3 Delicious Vrat-Friendly Kheer Recipes For Navratri

Navratri 2020 Special kheer: Kheer can make your fasting meals delicious

  • Navratri 2019 started on September 29 and will end on October 8
  • Navratri meals can be made interesting with desserts
  • Kheer has different vrat-friendly versions too

Sharad Navratri 2020 is around the corner and millions of devotees of Goddess Durga around the world are observing a nine-day fast. Navratri is one of biggest Hindu festivals, and as a part of this fast, devotees refrain from consuming certain food grains and only consume specific foods. The nine-day festival, which ends on October 7th this year, will be followed by Dussehra on October 8th. During the festival, some people abstain from consuming food grains with gluten in them and opt for grains like rajgira (amaranth), kuttu (buckwheat) etc. White rice is also generally not consumed during Navratri and people opt to eat samak ke chawal (barnyard millet). Kheer is a sweet dish that is one of the most prominent Indian desserts of all time, and during Navratri, several different types of kheer are consumed.

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Kheer is usually made from rice and milk, but during Navratri, people replace the rice with lotus seeds, tapioca pearls, etc. Kheer is a delicious and dense dessert pudding that makes for the perfect ending for Navratri 2019 meals.


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Here Are Some Delicious Vrat-Friendly Kheer Recipes For You To Try:

1. Makhana And Cashew Nut Kheer Recipe

This kheer is made from lotus seeds (or makhana), which has been a favoured snack food in India for ages, along with toasted cashew nuts and mawa or khoya. This calorie-laden dessert is sure to make your fasting meals much more interesting.

2. Sabudana Kheer Recipe

Consuming sabudana (or tapioca pearls) is allowed during Navratri fasting and this recipe of sabudana kheer yields a simple yet delicious sweet. Tapioca has good amounts of healthy carbohydrates and is quite rich in calories; hence it is the perfect dish to help you tide over periods of complete abstinence from food, during the Navratri.

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4jutm17oNavratri 2019: Sabudana kheer is a classic dish included in fasting meals

3. Vrat Wali Kheer Recipe

This kheer is the closest you'll get to the original and much-loved rice version of the pudding. This is made using samwat or vrat wale chawal and is cooked in much the same way as the original kheer. This vrat waali kheer can be consumed while it's fresh and hot, or can be chilled in the fridge and consumed over successive meals.

Kheer can add excitement to meals for those who are fasting and have a sweet tooth. Which of these kheer recipes are you going to try this Navratri? Let us know in the comments section below!


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