10 Best Maharashtrian Recipes

 , NDTV  |  Updated: May 01, 2018 14:23 IST

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10 Best Maharashtrian Recipes
  • Maharashtrian food is an exciting play of desi masalas
  • Sgnificant change in flavours and prominence of local ingredients.
  • Classics of Maharashtrian cuisine

What comes to your mind when you think of Maharashtrian cuisine? A burst of flavours? A plate of steaming hot vada pav or pav bhaji? We bow down to the almost inexhaustible variety of street foods that the local kitchens of this mega state offer. From misal pav to aamti to bhelpuri, each one of them is a gem. Maharashtrian food is an exciting play of desi masalas, using some of the most basic food items and is all about local cooking styles. It is interesting to see that different regions within the state cook up their own exclusive versions of a standard dish. Vadas are regarded as a specialty of Mumbai as they are known to have originated there. If you happen to travel across the state, you will experience a significant change in flavours and prominence of local ingredients. The use of freshly ground masalas like malvani masala, goda masala and kala masala, is the highlight of Maharashtrian cuisine.

Vegetables, lentils along with grains like wheat, rice, jowar and bajra constitute an integral part of everyday cooking. Breads are also given a lot of significance in a staple Maharashtrian diet and you have vadas, pavs, polis served in combination with bhajjis, missal, ussal or ragda.

The Kolhapur region is famous for its authentic white and red mutton curries as well as its traditional green chilly chutney. The Konkan belt cooks generously with coconut milk, cashew nuts, rice and mangoes. Kokum is another ingredient that is typical to most of the Maharashtrian preparations; it is widely used in place of tamarind. Aurangabad offers you a fusion between the quintessential Maharashtrian style cooking and Mughlai flavours.

Join us as we unravel some of the classics of Maharashtrian cuisine. Learn the art of Maharashtrian cooking with our top ten recipes.

1. Kaju Kothimbir Vadi
Recipe by Chef Vikas Khanna

A classic Maharashtrian snack made of gram flour, spices and an addition of cashew nuts.

kaju vadi

2. Pudachi Wadi
Recipe by Chef Sharvaree Parasnis

Pudachi Wadi is a traditional preparation involving besan cases stuffed with a flavourful onion-coriander mixture infused with spices, poppy seeds and copra

3. Batata Vada
Recipe by Chef Kishore D Reddy

This goes out to all the potato lovers. Potatoes are mixed in masalas, coated in besan batter and deep fried to perfection.

batata vada

4. Zunka Bhakri
Recipe by Chef Deshmukh-ji, Shabri Restaurant, Hotel Parichey, Pune

Zunka Bhakri is traditionally made with chickpeas or besan paste which is further cooked with onions, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, cumin and mustard seeds. Rich and aromatic, best served with bajra or jowar rotis.

Recipe Video

5. Pav Bhaji
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal and Chef Devanshi

The traditional hit of Maharashtra, the heart-throb of India, learn to cook the classic pav bhaji in the comfort of your kitchen space.

pav bhaji

6. Bharleli Vangi
Recipe by Chef Hemant Oberoi, Executive Chef, Taj Mahal Hotel

Beautiful aubergines are packed with the goodness of fresh coconut and tangy spices. Straight from a Maharashtrian kitchen, on to your plate!

Recipe Video

7. Pooran Poli
Recipe by Mrs.Kandalkar, BDD Chawls, Mumbai

Break a sweet bread! This Maharashtrian bread is a sweet delight for your taste buds. Gram flour parcels are stuffed with a sweet mixture of dal, infused with jaggery and saffron.

8. Misal Pav
Recipe by Chef Amarendra Mulye

Cook up potatoes in a melange of hot masalas, team it up with bread to create a perfect, wholesome Maharashtrian meal.

misal pav

9. Kolhapuri Vegetables
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

A spice Maharashtrian curry straight from the city of Kolhapur, Fresh vegetables are cooked in yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, hot spices and lemon juice.

10. Aamti
Recipe by Chef Niru Gupta

CommentsCook your traditional dal the Maharashtrian way. Yellow gram dal or tuar dal is cooked with spices, curry leaves and an additional dose of special Maharashtrian goda masala.

yellow dal

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