10 Best Vegetarian Snacks in Hindi

   |  Updated: April 30, 2018 14:21 IST

10 Best Vegetarian Snacks in Hindi
It is hard for our non-vegetarian friends to understand that there is so much more to vegetarian fare than just paneer and aloo. The rich and delicious regional vegetarian dishes enjoyed across the country show how one can do so much with limited vegetarian ingredients and incorporate them in different courses of our meal. Here are some delicious vegetarian snacks recipes in Hindi that you can try making at home and impress your family or guests coming over.

1. Tandoori Gobhi Recipe in Hindi

If you thought that your dear cauliflower was only good for gravies and sabzis, try this recipe. One may like to associate 'Tandoori' with the likes of chicken or paneer, but let us tell you a secret. Nicely sliced gobhi cooked tandoori style with a whole lot of spices can also make for an equally sizzling snack.

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The crispy gobhi snack is sure to win your hearts

2. Aloo Samosa Recipe in Hindi 
Recipe by Kishore D Reddy

A round up of vegetarian snacks, and no mention of the all-time favourite samosa? Can't happen, won't happen. Make the this classic snack in the comfort of your kitchen with this stellar recipe. Spicy aloo-filling wrapped in the pillowy maida dough is one treat no one can say no to.

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samosaMake the all-time classic in the comfort of your kitchen with this stellar recipe in Hindi

3. Nariyal and Soya Paneer Vada Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Manish Mehrotra

The crispy vadas, made with the goodness of grated coconut and paneer and soya is one stellar and wholesome addition to your evening tea-time.

nariyal soya paneer vadaThe crispy loaded vada is the perfect evening snack you have been looking for

4. Til- e Paneer Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Niru Gupta

Baked paneer cubes coated in flavourful sesame and yogurt mix. Serve with onion ringlets and chutney, for a lip-smacking experience.

paneerBaked paneer cubes coated in flavourful sesame and yogurt mix is a true delight

5. Bang Bang Batata Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Tara Deshpande

Aloo lovers raise your hand! This quick and easy potato snack, made with baby potatoes, semolina and heartwarming spices, is one delightful treat you shouldn't deprive yourself from.

sweet potatoPrepare this quick and easy potato snack at home with this simple recipe in Hindi

6. Mini Mushroom Pizza Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal and Devanshi

A delightful topping of mushrooms, corn and cheese on mini pizza makes for a perfect party starter.

margherita pizzaThe sizzling party starter is everybody's favourite

7. Bruschetta Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Chef Joey Mathew

The Italian treat is a hit with people across ages. Sliced bread topped with ever-green toppings of tomato-basil and mushroom-garlic. 

bruschetta 625

The veggie delight is a winner all the way

8. Bhajiya Pav Recipe in Hindi

One of our all-time favourite street foods, bhajiya pav is here to send us into a food coma again. Make these crispy fried bhajiyas clubbed together and stuffed in a pav and you would know what we mean.

bhajiya pav

Make one of our all-time favourite street food, Bhajiya pav at home with this recipe in Hindi

9. Chole Bhature Recipe in Hindi

The ever-so soft and pillowy bhaturas, served with spicy chickpeas is an instant mood-lifter. This authentic Punjabi recipe too keep the foodie in you pleased for a long time even after you have left the dining room.

chole bhature

The masaledar chole bhature recipe in Hindi will leave you craving for more

10. Matar Ke Kebab Recipe in Hindi
Recipe by Niru Gupta

CommentsThe green and crispy patty made of peas and spinach is not only delicious but light on the tummy too. Using minimal oil to fry the patty, this low fat kebab is for all those looking to have something delicious without compromising on the calorie front.


Matar ke kebab is the best of  both world: flavour and health packed in one

Try these delicious vegetarian snack recipes at home and let us know which one was your favourite. 


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