Best Winter Recipes In Hindi - 11 Recipes You Must Try This Season

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: November 02, 2018 11:05 IST

Best Winter Recipes In Hindi - 11 Recipes You Must Try This Season
  • Come winter and the markets burst with a wide range of seasonal veggies
  • When it comes to experimenting with winter, sky is the limit
  • Allow us to share with you the best winter recipes in Hindi

Come winter and the markets burst with a wide range of seasonal veggies that are not only exciting to cook with but also promise a host of health benefits. Fancy lush greens, ruby red beets, radiant carrots, turnips among other veggies that lure you to buy them in bulk and cook sensational delicacies that'll adorn your dinner table.  From hearty soups, lip-smacking starters to comforting lunch-time recipes and heartwarming dinner ideas like Mooli parantha, Chilli gobhi, Methi ka thepla, Spinach and ricotta ravioli and Beet and arbi falafel, sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with winter veggies and ingredients bajra, makkiamong others. We understand that there is just about no greater joy than cooking in the comfort of kitchen, therefore allow us to share with you the best winter recipes in Hindi. This winter, let us make the most of what's in season and design your everyday meals so as to include more of these winter delights. Take a look!

Here Are 11 Best Winter Recipes For You To Try:


1. Mooli Parantha

The quintessential comfort food! Finely shredded radishes are mix with a range of spices and ingredients and stuffed in parathas to arrive at this lip-smacking dish.

mooli paratha

Your everyday breakfast menu for winters, mooli ke parathe.


2. Chilli Gobhi

The humble cauliflower assumes a tantalizing avatar and turns into this desi starter.


An amalgamation of desi veggie with Chinese sauces will leave you drooling for more. 

3. Methi Ka Thepla

Love methi? Here's how to cook with itGujaratistyle!

methi thepla

If you are bored with mooli ka paratha, then try this mooli ke theple. 

4. Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli

For the lovers of Italian food, there is no better way to give spinach a delectable makeover!

spinach and ricotta ravioli recipeIf you love Italian cuisine, then try this interesting recipe of spinach, a perfect side dish for your parties.  

5. Beet And Arbi Falafel

Beetroots get a Lebanese makeover which is also healthy.


A healthy snack for the ones who are into fitness and healthy eating. 

6. Jowar Tacos

Seasonal cooking just got more exciting. Add jowar to your winter diet; begin by giving this snazzy recipe a try.

jowar tacos with spicy chicken filling recipe

This colourful side dish is the best of desi and western cuisine.  

7. Gobhi Shalgam Ka Achaar

Who can turn down some tangy pickle? Make the most of the seasonal produce and dish out this peppy accompaniment.


If you love your aam ka achaar, then you cannot miss out this winter-special achaar.  

8. Palak Paneer

The quintessential winter favourite, nail the art of cooking palak paneer to perfection in few simple steps.

palak paneer recipe

This one is for the ones who are into fitness yet cannot let go off the  yummy taste of Indian food - healthy and tasty!

9. Mooli Wala Meat

This Kashmiri gem brings together ivy-white radishes and chunky chicken pieces! A must try for all meat lovers.


A perfect main course for your dinner parties. 

10. Crispy Palak

A delicacy perfectly crispy, you won't stop munching on crispy fried spinach leaves.

crispy spinach

A perfect pre-dinner snack - healthy and tasty!

11. Beetroot Kebab

This recipe is for the ones who are into fitness and workout. We all know that beetroot is packed with many health benefiting properties. Try this recipe to keep your fitness quotient up.


All the vegetarians out there, this one is for you - beetroot kebab! 

Make the most of these interesting winter recipes and impress your friends and guests with your culinary skills. Happy cooking!

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