5 Best Potato Indian Snack Recipes | Easy Indian Potato Recipes

Potato Indian Snack Recipes: Find here a list of best potato Indian snack recipes that you can easily prepare at home. From vada pav and aloo chaat to samosa and aloo tikki, here are quick and easy aloo recipes with key ingredients and how to make process.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: April 12, 2019 15:34 IST

5 Best Potato Indian Snack Recipes | Easy Indian Potato Recipes

Best Potato Recipes- Potatoes are one of the most adored vegetables in India. It wouldn't be surprising to find them in the daily list of groceries of an Indian household because of their versatility. From breakfast to dinner, potatoes can be cooked in many different ways and meals. Not only in India, potatoes are immensely loved in other parts of the world as well. In fact it would be surprising for you to know that the world's favourite root vegetable was brought to India by the Portuguese and the word 'potato' comes from the Spanish word 'patata'.

Potatoes are eco-friendly crops that are easy to grow and require minimum fertilisers and chemicals, hence they are easily available everywhere all year long. They also have a good shelf life of about a week if stored in a cool, dry place. India has a potato (aloo) recipe for every occasion, cuisine and course! With so much ease and versatility, you can use potato in breakfast, lunch, evening snack or as a veg party starter too.

Here are 5 best Potato Indian Snack Recipes that you can prepare at home:

1. Spicy Aloo Tikki

A popular North-Indian snack recipe that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Spicy aloo tikki is a pan-fried snack of round potato tikkis packed with peas, spices and chillies and garnished with mint chutney and curd. Perfect to prepare on a rainy evening served along with a hot cup of tea.

aloo tikki 625
Easy, quick and absolutely delicious!

2. Chatpati Aloo Chaat

This might be the most loved potato Indian snack out there! Aloo chaat is a popular street food snack that none of us can ever resist. Fried crisp potatoes topped with chatpata masalas and chutneys, onions, fresh coriander and lemon juice puts together a tangy flavour that is hard to miss.

dilli ki fried aloo chaat
Weight watchers can enjoy this chaat by baking instead of deep frying the potatoes.

3. Aloo Samosa

A tea time classic, Samosas are Indian snacks with delicious pockets of dough stuffed with a potato, pea mixture along with flavourful spices and chillies, deep fried to perfection. Dish out these easy, fuss-free, piping hot samosas quickly at home when unexpected guest arrive, paired with chai.

An all time favorite tea time snack!

4. Aloo Ka Papad

A crispy and tasty potato snack that you can binge on at any time of the day. Aloo papad is a crunchy snack that is made with sun-drying small portions of thin rolled out potato dough which has mashed potatoes packed with salt and chillies.

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Aloo papads are popularly made during the festival of Holi.

5. Vada Pav

A popular street food recipe, it wouldn't be wrong to say that vada pav is a way of life in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Cousin of batata vada, vada pav has two slices of buns (pav) with deep fried potato vada sandwiched between it. With oodles of sweet and spicy chutneys garnished over it, vada pav makes for a mouth-watering snack to relish with friends and family.

7eujj9mThe most popular street food from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

While there might be endless options to prepare with potato, these easy Indian snacks would be great to begin with and surprise your loved ones with a new dish every day.


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