7 Best Healthy Sauce Recipes: Beetroot, Aubergine, Apple Sauce & More

Healthy Sauce Recipes: Find here a list of healthy sauce recipes to prepare at home. From peanut sauce, walnut sauce, and beetroot, garlic tahini to aubergine, apple and mint sauce, we've got it all along with key ingredients and a step by step recipe.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: June 14, 2019 12:24 IST

7 Best Healthy Sauce Recipes: Beetroot, Aubergine, Apple Sauce & More

Healthy Sauce Recipes

Healthy Sauce Recipes: What are chicken wings without some BBQ sauce glazed over them, or pasta without some cheesy white sauce oozing out of it? Can you imagine your ice cream without a drizzle of chocolate caramel sauce on top? Sauces are not just an extra addition to a dish and may not be a key ingredient in a dish but once added to a dish, they add that extra punch and take over the taste buds like nothing else! While sauces are primary to the French cuisine with some mouth-watering sauces like Hollandaise and Bechamel, a host of other cuisines such as Italian, American and Asian have some interesting sauce recipes that can a boost a simple dish. While Italian sauces are mostly about the perfect blend of tomato, cheese or cream, Asian sauces play with flavours and ingredients like soy, peanuts, chillis and even jaggery to make tantalising sauces.

Since we love our sauces so much for the added flavour they bring to our dishes, wouldn't it be great if they were also packed with health benefits? Yes, that's possible! Besides being finger-licking good, we've got a round-up of interesting healthy sauce recipes to prepare at home, made with nutritionally-rich ingredients so you can relish them absolutely guilt-free!


Here Are 7 Best Healthy Sauce Recipes To Make At Home:


Mint, or pudina, is India's most loved herb that has been long used to enhance many dishes such as raita, curries and dips. It brings a certain amount of freshness and tang to every food it founds its way to besides adding the many health benefits! Since mint is packed with antioxidants, aids digestion and accelerates metabolism besides many other medicinal properties, mint sauce undoubtedly makes for the perfect blend of healthy and flavour. Easy, quick and simply delicious, add it to the next round of baked or roast meat.

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9o77fhrHealthy Sauce Recipes: Easy to make mint sauce that goes well with roast or baked meat.​


With the goodness of sesame, this eastern Mediterranean sauce is the perfect healthy one to prepare at home. The flavour of garlic and the goodness of tahini blend together for a flavourful treat that you can slather on your shawarma or pair with hot kebabs.

tahiniHealthy Sauce Recipes: Tangy and garlicky tahini is the perfect accompaniment.


Rich in fibre and antioxidants, aubergine (or brinjal) is a wonder veggie used in many dishes. From Indian curries to the Middle Eastern dips, it is not just versatile but extremely delicious! When paired with the Moroccan marinade - Chermoula, this sauce made with eggplant, dried herbs, basil and lime is an amazing sauce to use with anything and everything.

Healthy Sauce Recipes: This dip made with moroccan marinade chermoula, eggplant, basil, dried herbs and lime can be used as a great accompaniment.


A chicken satay or chicken wings are simply incomplete without a spoonful of peanut sauce. Packed with the goodness of peanuts and coconut milk, it is flavoured with a dash of red curry paste. You can also serve this scrumptious healthy sauce with finger foods like potato bites or kebabs.

corn peanut chutneyHealthy Sauce Recipes:  Peanut sauce is a tasty one to pair with a host of different dishes.


Packed with good fats, walnuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that make for a good enough reason to have a healthy sauce recipe made with walnuts! Along with garlic, parsley, sesame seed oil and lime, this yummy walnut sauce recipe is too hard to resist.

walnut sauce
Healthy Sauce Recipes: A yummy accompaniment packed with the goodness of walnuts along with sesame and garlic. ​


Sweet, tangy and packed with the goodness of apples, this sauce recipe is easy to prepare and too delicious to miss. You can easily prepare this at home and use in desserts or as an accompaniment to roasted dishes such as meat, chicken or veggies.

be2nerl8Healthy Sauce Recipes: This apple sauce can be used in a variety of desserts or as an accompaniment to roast meat.


Who doesn't know the innumerable health benefits of beetroot? It is much more than just a vegetable, it is versatile, healthy, and delicious and looks bright and beautiful wherever added. It is low on calories and fats, high on iron, acts as a natural blood purifier and maintains a healthy haemoglobin levels. Do we need any more reason to prepare a sauce packed with so much along with a great flavour? Prepare beetroot hummus at home and pair it with just about any finger food or use as a spread on pita breads too.

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beetroot hummus
Healthy Sauce Recipes:  Bright and peppy pink, beetroot hummus has a lip-smacking flavour.

These healthy sauce recipes are sure to jazz up your dishes without making you stress about health! Try these at home and let us know your favourite one in the comments section below.


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