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  • Chana Dal Chikki

    Chana Dal chikki is just another version of the classic peanut chikki but much flavourful and rich. The use of roasted Bengal grams adds an earthy flavor to the chikki along with the nutty taste ...

  • Dhaba Style Dal Makhani

    This dhaba-style dal makhani recipe is comparatively easy to make and requires easily accessible ingredients. Try this recipe at home, pair it up with naan or tandoori roti and enjoy!

  • Langarwali Dal

    What makes the Langarwali dal unique is how simple the recipe is, yet it turns into one of the most luscious and velvety dal that you could dip your rotis into.

  • Moong Chilka Vada

    As the name suggests, this vada recipe is made using soaked moong chilka dal. This vada recipe also makes a good dish for when you have unexpected guests and want to whip up a quick ...

  • Urad Dal Vada

    Also known as Biuli Dal Er Boda in Bengali, this vada recipe is made with a thick mixture of grounded urad dal, sooji (for crisp), chillies, onion and other tantalizing spices.

  • Bajra Dalia

    With a mix of bajra, we can assure you that this recipe will not only keep you warm from the inside but also soothe your soul. Plus, making a dalia with bajra also has many ...

  • Shevga Dal Masala (Maharastrian Dal)

    This Maharashtra-style dal comes with the southern flavors and an extremely healthy addition that is the drumstick. An easy sambar if you may call it, the Shevga Dal masala is enhanced with a sizzling tadka ...

  • Moong Dal Chips

    This recipe requires no fancy ingredients and can be made in just 15 minutes. All you need to do is soak moong dal, mix it with spices and then fry it or bake for a ...

  • Dalgona Candy

    Now is the time to try something up a notch! This dalgona candy is super easy to make and requires just two ingredients to get ready. Try it out!

  • Rajma Sundal

    Rajma has essential nutrients like- iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K1. With so many benefits to this, let us see how to make rajma sundal snack recipe.

  • Aloo Vindaloo

    Goan Aloo vindaloo is the vegetarian alternative to the classic vindaloo curry. This curry is known for its hot and spicy flavours that will excite your tastebuds and make you salivate.

  • Hyderabadi Dal Mutton Gosht

    Hyderabadi Dal Mutton gosht, as the name suggests, is a well-known Indian dish from the streets of Hyderabad. This is relished with love by non-vegetarians and contains mutton along with daal.

  • Peanut Sundal

    Peanut Sundal is like a peanut chaat loaded on south Indian flavours, from mustard and curry leaves and grated coconut, this dish is a popular teatime snack and is also used as Prasad during navratri.

  • Sindhi Dal Toast

    Healthy and wholesome, Sindhi dal toast is made with bread slices stuffed with spicy potatoes, drizzled with moong dal along with tangy tamarind chutney and mint sauce.

  • Nilakadalai Chutney

    Nilakadalai Chutney, also known as peanut chutney is a delicious blend of flavours of peanut, coconut and curry leaves. This chutney can be a perfect companion to enhance the taste and flavours of your usual ...

  • Sindhi Tidli Dal

    This sindhi dal is made by using three different dals and that are chana dal, urad dal and green chilka dal. It is then enhanced by a rich and flavourful tadka made by ghee, hing, ...

  • Dalitoye

    Dalitoye is a quintessential and popular Konkani style dal recipe that is made by using most basic ingredients available in the pantry.

  • Dal Pithi

    Dal Pithi is a very famous dish from Bihar. It is made with yellow dal and wheat dumplings. Serve it with raita and salad.

  • Barley And Moong Dal Khichdi

    About Barley and Moong Daal Khichdi : Barley and Moong dal khichdi is a very simple and quick meal recipe. This meal is low in fat, cholesterol and sodium but high in flavour and nutrition ...

  • Bhang & Dal Ke Dahi Bhalle

    About Bhang & Dal Ke Dahi Bhalle Recipe: Tangy, tarty and full of spice, these dahi bhalle are perfect to take your Holi celebrations a notch higher!

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